10 Free Russian Beauty Hacks that’ll give you clearer skin

russian beauty hacksRussia is always become the best topic to talked about if we discussing about Culinary, culture and of course beauty. As we all know, that Russian model is always mentioned to have the best feature. They have a great body, hair and skin. But the fact is, that not only the models that have the maximal beauty but also almost all of the Russian women.

It is mentioned that Russian women is the most beautiful women on the world. And they didn’t get those freely without any works. They born to be beauty, but them also maintain their beauty well with the most favorable skin care in Russia for woman. One of the best things about Russian skin is that they have a firm, smooth and clear skin. They really look like a doll. And in this article, we will discuss about the free Russian beauty hacks that’ll give you clearer skin, there are:

1. Slap Your Face

Slap doesn’t mean you have to slap your cheeks as powerful as you can. But is more likely dab your face slowly. While applying your skin care after clean your face, dab your face slowly, that will make the skin care applied better. It will also make your blood circulation better. Because Russian loves the non instant skin care, they still use serum, essence and also Toner from the best local cosmetics brand from Russia. The “slapping” time is usually done when they applied the essence and serum. So, by slapping your face it will make your face clearer.

2. Bright Lipstick

Next beauty hacks is to use bright lipstick. As we know that lipstick is one of the most important things in makeup thing. And using the right color is determined whether your makeup works or not. For Russian, they prefer a bright color lipstick such as red and brown on their lips. As we know, that their skin is whitish pale, so using the bright color give an extra clear skin effect. And the best thing is that they doesn’t pick any lipstick on the market, but only choose the natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia so their lips still taken care of.

3. Eyes Makeup

Next important makeup thing is the eyes makeup. As we know that eyes is the best part of the face. And make the eyes up right is the best thing we can do. If you want a clearer skin looks, you can use a smoky eyes makes up. But make sure to use the best local cosmetics brand from Russia just like the Russian women do.

4. Hair color

Hair color is actually not that important for the Russian since they already have the whitish clear skin. But they also love to color their hair black or dark brown. Those colors give the effect of a clearer skin. Also, you have to treat your hair right to get the best feature of your hair. The Russian known as the herbs lover for hair treatment and also they usually use the natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia.

5. Sleep on Your Back

Don’t worry; it is not the full eight hours sleeping on back. It is more likely start your sleep by sleeping on your back. After exposed by UV and pollution, it will be bad if we just sleep against the pillow. It’s like ironing the bad exposure from all day to our face for the night. So, the position of your sleep will determine your skin condition. Russian usually sleeps on their back to prevent the wrinkle of the face and also give them a clearer healthy skin beside the use of the natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia.

6. Facial Massage

The next thing we can do to get a clearer skin is doing the facial massage on your own. You can do this while applying the cream on your face. You can rub your face slowly with the cream and the eye cream. It will make the face relax and the blood circulation good. Beside the best local cosmetics brand from Russia, this way also considered as the most favorable skin care in Russia for woman.

7. Put some salt

Other thing they usually do in maintaining the clearer beauty is by putting some salt in a couple drops of water. Make it as paste and applied it to your face, let is in your face for 1- -15 minutes then rinse it off. It will peel pull the oil of your pores and give you a new clearer skin of the face. This will give you a good result if you can keep this routine.

8. DIY Peel

Homemade mask is always the favorite skin care steps in Russia. They love to make mask and peeling mask from the ingredients at home. They usually use fresh ingredients such as strawberry to make a face mask. Other DIY peeling mask that the Russian love to is the mixture of baking soda, water and a splash of lemon juice. To make it, you need to mix two teaspoons of baking soda with one teaspoon of water, and squeeze in a little lemon juice. Apply the mixture to your face then let it dry for five minutes before rinsing it with water. This DIY peel is work even better than the natural and organic cosmetics made in Russia.

9. Bend Over

This is just like one of the Yoga pose. This pose is benefits the skin since it sends the blood flowing towards the face. Also, holding a downward dog for about five minutes can boost circulation, will give your skin a glow.

10. Drink Lemon Water

Drink hot lemon water will helps flush out and purify the body internally. It is also potentially reducing toxins and bacteria in the small intestine that lead to acne. So, it is help your body better than using the best local cosmetics brand from Russia.

Those are the 10 free Russian beauty hacks that’ll give you clearer skin.

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