5 Facts Of Russian Women’s National Football Team

Russia is always a big part of any sports activities in the world. Moreover, the Most Popular Sports In Russia Today include the controversy national Football team. The fact that Russian woman is considered feminine, and beautiful woman in the world, it backfires that woman playing football does not portray the real true Russian woman characteristic.
Looking back the over 30th years exist and representing Russia in a various world event. Russian National team falls under 26th world ranking and manage to enter the quarter-final during of the World Cup in 1999 and 2003.

Even though The Russian government tries to put more support and aid to improve the Russian woman football team but there are many things that go wrong. Either other sports team take more support or the Russian are not just a fan of football, Moreover, seeing Russian girls playing football. Here is some fact involving the Russian Woman National Football team.

1. Not Female Sport

The general idea of Russian women in their country is their Charming Appearance Of Russian Girls and if they ever play a sport it is related to beauty and esthetic. The Russian gymnast or skating are among the most favorite and highly supported woman sport by the government as well as the public opinion. That leaves the women’s football team not many support.

Moreover, Russian in general did not find a woman is a great football player, it is considered more of the male sport. The society is also very transparent about this opinion. “Football is no work for women” is the famous sentence that is said toward the female footballers that all the players must keep in mind.

Although the team has been establishing and playing on the green field for more than 30 years and the negative opinion remain as well as the government support.

   2. Not Enough Player

The already negative opinion about woman football also portrays on how little schools and university develop woman football team in their place. This skeptical attitude hurts the development of any kind for the team.

Even if there are, the information about the woman football team existence is very scarce and rare. it reflects poorly on the sport and even fewer possibilities for girls to sign up. For a girl who has any interest in the sport, most are not aware of the existing national woman team or various tournaments in that field.

There is simply not many public interests to the sport, let alone making it special for a woman. This Facts About Football In Russia is worrisome as well as hurting the development for the woman football team but also other not so favorite woman sport that seems more fit for men.

3. Not Many Football Club

A sport, for example, the expensive ones, has private sectors support, such as racing and golfing. So, the popularity of any sport that even without the general support still can be developed with the support of other sectors.

There are many Most Famous Football Club In Russia yet none ever goes to woman team. Unfortunately, there are many things does not apply to a woman football team. Moreover, there are not many professional players who establish specialized football academies for women. There is not many serious and professional approach from private sectors to support the development of this team.

4. Only a Few teams establish in the country

The fact that Russian a vast country yet there are only about 30,000 women playing football in the country. However, with only 8 national teams in the entire region, there are not many option and room to expand the number of teams of the Russian Premier League.

History Of Football In Russia state very little about the national team and any woman championship leads to very small games and left not many games for the Football Cup. This also makes their change to be able to perform and compete in the world tournament very little changes.

5. Few Fans

Although in general Russian love sport. The not so popular woman football games also lead to very little fans to seeing women playing football. Sadly if you compared the major respond and view for a woman football match in the US or Europe, Russia has very little of it.

Of course, after 30 years in the game, there are some devoted fans of the Russian Football team that the players highly cherish and thankful. Unfortunately there simple there is not large enough crowd to help the team to sustain let alone to develop into something even bigger.

6. Few Investor

The absence of investment, also impact any development to the team but internally and financially. The main reason why the woman games, especially if the public not in favor on will considers to be a bad investment for investors.

Club has a hard time approaching people to have faith in the team and put some money into their belief. However, even though with the minimum support, there is a little number of investor that really support the woman football team. Sadly, if the table does not turn immediately, it will not look good in the long run.

7. Media Coverage

Between the government and private sector, another element that can bring popularity is the media. The failing stereotype can be changed with more coverage on TV, internet or other form of media. To have more conducive atmosphere matches need to be broadcast an interview would be great coverage. Sadly, the media also prefers not to do much news involving the woman football team in Russia. Even if there are any, it would likely highlight the beautiful appearance of the players besides the team as a sport worth to talk about.

The Russian National team is surviving with the current support from the government, media and other private sectors. The support is mild compared to other woman sport or male football team. There are much room for improvement that this team can potentially achieve. With the right kind of positivity and effort, the team can develop and win more popularity.

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