Only In Russia, Benefit of Drinking Birch Tree Juice

Have you ever heard of Birch Tree Juice? Chances are, you haven’t heard about it if you have never visited Russia. Birch Tree Juice is a well-known traditional beverage only in Russia and its neighboring Baltic countries, although bottled version of Birch Tree Juice (also called Birch Water) have started to gain attention among worldwide […]

5 Russian Buckwheat Dishes for Your Healthy Diet

A nation’s signature dishes have a lot to do with its history and geographic position which then decides what the people can harvest from the nature to be consumed daily. When the Soviet Union still had its strong grip, Russians had to endure war, revolution and famine. They could only dream about fancy dining and […]

8 Diet Secret of Russian Women For You to Copy

If we talked about Russian women, sure we will remember how beauty and proportional they are. Russian is known as a perfect human, both the man and the woman. They have a beautiful face, skin, eyes and even their hair is shinning so wonderfully. Other than the beauty, Russian is also featured with a perfect […]