5 Private Things That Should Not Be Asked When You Talk to Russian Woman

Speaking has indeed become commonplace in people’s daily lives. In a conversation, many people will open up and be happy to answer all the questions asked by the questioner. But in that conversation, there are some things you should know and realize before you hurt the feelings of the person you are asking.

When talking about things that must be known and realized it will usually refer to conversations that are personal. Not everyone in this world will be comfortable talking to someone who randomly asks about personal matters. There is a courtesy etiquette that you should still know, especially if you are a stranger.

That kind of thing also applies in Russia. There are some things you should know before you start talking to Russians, especially Russian women. It refers more to personal things that do not seem necessary to ask. Do you know about it?

I think there are still many of you who don’t know about this. Are not you curious about it? For that let us see about private things that should not be asked when you talk to Russian woman.

If you are talking to women, there are things we should hold back for asking about a number of things. Especially if you are still new to know or do not really know about the woman you are talking to. You as a foreigner should at least be aware of what you should ask and what you don’t.

Every country in the world has certain things which would be very rude if it were a topic of conversation between people who do not know each other. Especially if the person you are talking to is a woman. There will be more things that you have to endure so that the woman you are talking to doesn’t consider you rude.

Things like that have been explained earlier you must also apply in Russia. There are things that are private and it feels inappropriate to ask if you don’t know the Russian woman you are talking to. Do you already know what are the things that are considered private in the conversation?

I think there are still many of you who don’t know that yet. You will certainly be curious and wonder about what kind of conversation is inappropriate to ask. At least it may be additional information for you before starting talks with Russian women. Therefore, this article will discuss about 5 private things that should not be asked when you talk to Russian woman.

  • Don’t Joke About Parents

If you already feel close to someone, you will certainly be open to each other when asking something to that person. I think, both in Russia and elsewhere, talking about something that refers to jokes about parents is not a proper thing or a polite thing to ask. Maybe you will still be able to freely talk about jokes about ethnicity, gender stereotypes or others, but you should avoid jokes that are related to someone’s parents. This applies both when you talk to Russian women and with Russian men.

  • Don’t Talk About Wealth If It’s Not Necessary

Maybe there are still some people who openly talk about their wealth to others even though the person he just met. Though not all women in Russia will care about the wealth you exhibit. They tend to be very independent individual, and you will not be able to easily use your wealth to show off to win the sympathy of the Russian woman. In fact, it may be that the woman you are talking to will find you a little strange and also the show-off.

  • Do Not Carelessly Mention Illiteracy in Russian Women

It could be before the visit to Russia, you often hear a lot of stereotypes that circulate there. Both stereotypes about Russian women and about Russian men. And when you visit Russia, you want to clarify something for example about the existence of stereotypes that say that Russian women are illiterate. Questions like this are deemed inappropriate and impolite to ask because it can make the Russian woman you ask be offended, even if your goal is only to get clarification. In fact, although not all can speak English fluently that does not mean Russian women are illiterate.

  • Don’t Ask About Age and Income If You (A Male) Are Foreigners

As strangers, we really shouldn’t be right to carelessly ask questions about things that refer to someone’s personal data. For example, about age and income. That is a very rude thing to ask, especially if you are talking to a Russian woman. Only fellow women might tolerate asking Russian women for age. You also should not be too much to expect if they will easily open about their problems on you.

  • Do Not Ask About Gender Roles in The Lives of Russian Women If You Are A Stranger

In addition, given your position as a foreigner, you also do not mention of gender roles in the lives of Russian women. It is felt less appropriate to ask people you do not know fully. Such questions might offend the Russian woman you are talking to. Gender equality may still be a sensitive discussion for some people, and it could apply to people in Russia.

And maybe there are still some of private things that should not be asked when you talk to Russian woman that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about 5 private things that should not be asked when you talk to Russian woman. You can also share what you know about other types of questions that are considered private to ask Russian women in the comments section.

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