3 Secrets of Russian Models to Keep Their Skin Smooth

Irina shaykWe wouldn’t stops talking about Russian beauty. The famous for its beauty and good body shapes. One of the envious things is that they have a bright, smooth skin like a doll. It is true that they born to be beauty, but them also put a great effort in maintaining their beauty.

Moreover, there are many models that come from Russia and become so popular with their beauty. They are also known for their own skin care routine to maintain their beauty. And in this article it will be discuss about the secrets of Russian Models to keep their skin Smooth. There are:

1. Renata Litvinova: Alcohol for your skin

Renata Litvinova is the diva of Russian Cinema. She looks so stunning for a 52 years old woman. To maintain her beauty, she believes that the whole idea of endlessly caring for appearance has outlived its use. She may looks like having some plastic surgery, but actually she never even had Botox. She just use best local cosmetics brand from Russia, but also taking care her body with some natural product at home. She said that she use alcohol such as cognac and white wine to maintain her hair and skin. She said that she do an alcohol diet for several days straight. She drinks white wine, and avoids flour, and dairy product. That will keep your blood vessels clean and give an effect of smooth and brighter skin.

2. Ksenya Sobchak: Mix creams and Powder

She is may be not a model, but sure she is a beautiful journalist and the editor – in – chief of L’Officiel Russia. She believes, to get the long lasting tan skin is related to the Vitamin C that we got. In her opinion, just getting the Vitamin C from the best local cosmetics brand from Russia is not enough. So, she enriched it by herself. She usually buys the vitamin C Powder in the drugstore and mix it with her cream. She states that by doing that your skin getting much more Vitamin C nutrient. She also uses the vitamin C serums that give her skin more nutrient. Besides she is also take the vitamin C into his body by consume the Vitamin C from fruit and other fresh foods.

3. Natalya Vodianova

She doesn’t have any exact skin care treatment. Vodianova believe that by living a happy live and have a happy body will also affect her beauty. She is one of the fasting advocates. She say that by doing fasting in a certain time, she can get a healthier body that also affect to the healthy skin. Besides, she also does yoga to maintain her healthy body. She also said that she avoid to take many cosmetics into her skin, especially her face. And even if she needs to use cosmetics she only uses natural and organic cosmetics Made in Russia. Those products will give the skin the best nutrient. She also said that she through a blood type diet that help her become better and better. So what most important for Natalya Vadianova is to maintain her beauty is to maintain health first.

4. Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk (real last name Shaykhlislamova) grew her own potatoes and cucumbers near Chelyabinsk, a city in the Urals that is populated primarily with metallurgists and tough men until she became world famous at 17.  It can consider that such simple and nearly free life hacks are alive and well for many women in the Urals. If the modern women use spa treatment, the Urals women use traditional Russian baths that also known with the name “Banya”. It also hard to found the bath house around the world, but Irina found one in New York and goes there every two weeks in order to, “remove excess liquid from the organism and free it of toxins,’ as she stated.

Irina also avoids coffee and drink a lot of water to maintain the skin smooth and healthy body, then, for energizing she took celery and parsley juice instead. She also said that she always bathes in cold water. Also, if she lack of sleeps, she will pres an ice cube under her eyes to make the blueness disappeared. Other routine to maintain her beauty is by using fish oil in her skin and also that that as supplements. One of the most important skin treatment In Shayk routine is Banya that also known as most favorable skin care in Russia for women.

Those are some of the secrets that Russian models do, other than that, there are also other routine that the Russian Women do, including the Models such as:

  • Homemade Scrub

Scrub is the essential of skin treatment since it help you to take off the dead skin off of the body. In Russia, they normally use sea salt mixed with some herbs and herbs oil. It will peel off the dead skin off of the body. They choose the homemade scrub instead buy it from the best local cosmetics brand from Russia.

  • Homemade face mask

Other homemade favorite of Russian women is homemade face mask. Even if the Russian product also release some face mask that claimed as a natural and organic product, but the Russian still love to use the Homemade one. They usually use the fresh from the garden ingredients such as strawberry, apple and other thing that you can get from the garden. They also use mustard and oil such as argan oil.

  • Clean face

One of the most crucial things in skincare routine is face cleaning. To get a smooth and tender skin is to take a very good care in cleaning the skin. Russian usually cleans her face and skin as soon as they arrived at home. Because the best thing we can do to our skin is to let the skin breathing.

Those are all of the secrets of Russian Models to keep their skin Smooth and also the secrets of Russian women skin treatment. The point is that we should keep our mind and body healthy to keep the beauty of ourselves.

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