What Things That Should be Prepared to Attend Birthday Party in Russia

Birthday celebrations are some of the more important occasions that we must attend several times every year. A birthday by itself signifies someone’s beginning in life and tends to be quite personal. However, a birthday party is a mean to express thanks to God for being born, as well as an opportunity to strengthen one’s […]

6 New Innovations of Russian Cakes for Your Birthday Party

To most people, birthday is one of the most important days in a year. It’s a good day to get together with family and friends and joy to both ends; the birthday persons and the ones attending their celebrations. Each culture has its own way to mark birthdays, so does Russia. Having been around with […]

5 facts of how Russian celebrate birthday

Birthday meanings change as we get older. When we have not reached adulthood, birthdays are the awaited day. This is because the child gets something unusual he can on another day. How not, generally on the birthday of the child spoiled with a variety of things, such as having a new toy. As a teenager, […]