The Reasons Why Baby Shower is forbidden in Russia

Welcoming a baby into the world involves different customs based on the local culture. It is mostly seen as a way to send good hopes and wishes for the soon-to-be-born baby so they would come healthy and well. However, a baby is always an amazing gift. Baby shower is among the most common and popular […]

Russian Pregnancy Superstitions That You Should Know

Pregnancy is a very special period in the life of every woman. Especially if it is the first pregnancy, there will be a lot of questions, doubts and worries. The future mother often wonders if everything is all right, if the changes occurring in her body are normal, how to behave, so as not to […]

Russian Drinks That Are Good For Pregnancy

Literally everything in a woman’s life is important for bearing a healthy baby. It is important how often she is in the fresh air, how active her lifestyle is, her peace of mind, what the expectant mother eats and what she drinks. A pregnant woman is obliged to review her diet, carefully consider the choice […]