The Best Place to Find Russian Folk Arts

If we are talking about folk art in a country, of course there are a lot of things related to it. Various types of folk art will be mentioned. And various types of folk art have their own artistic value which will make many collectors interested in having them as collections. A folk art is […]

The Russian Rag Dolls Are So Unique. Do You Know Why?

Everything traditional and ethnic is always beautiful because it shows a lot about a country’s identity. Start from the food to the dance and music. Russia has some of the most popular folk arts in the world that a lot of people desire to collect such as Gzhel porcelain, Matryoshka dolls, Tula Samovar, Vologda Lace, […]

4 Important Meanings of Russian Folk Art

Folk art is a primarily utilitarian or functional visual art crafted by hand or with the help of limited mechanical devices used by the crafter or some small circumscribed group which includes an element of safekeeping of the longstanding culture survival. It is the creative expression of the struggle of humanity toward culture within a […]

The Modern-Classy Russian Folk Art in 2019

There are a lot of forms of folk art such as paper tearing, embroidery, shadow play, and carving. Each practice used to be loved by royalty and common people alike back in ancient times. However, in today’s age, science and technology have sped up so fast that the world is all about change. People are […]