The Reasons Why Baby Shower is forbidden in Russia

Welcoming a baby into the world involves different customs based on the local culture. It is mostly seen as a way to send good hopes and wishes for the soon-to-be-born baby so they would come healthy and well. However, a baby is always an amazing gift. Baby shower is among the most common and popular celebrations around the world. It is where the expecting parents hold a party with close friends and family when the pregnancy has entered the last three months. But, despite being very popular, is it true that this custom is forbidden in Russia? If so, what are the reasons?

Baby Shower in a Nutshell

An unusually entertaining and joyful event with a somewhat strange name for the Russians, “Baby Shower” was born in the vastness of America. And let the name not bother you, no one is going to bathe anyone. The fact is that people who are close to the future parents gather to “shower” the soon-to-be-born baby with gifts like clothes, bedding set, blankets, bouncing chair, and many more.

The room where the party is held, without fail, is decorated with garlands of tiny clothes, soft colors, rattles, and other baby-related items. In addition, the family of the future mother draws up funny posters and decorates the walls with them. However, the main element of decor in such cases, without a doubt, is the cute cake that is usually made in funny shapes.

Usually only women are invited to the Baby Shower: girlfriends, work colleagues and relatives of the future mother. These can be very young girls who have yet to experience the joy of motherhood, and already mature women who are ready to share their experience of giving birth and raising a child.

The event is usually held in the safest and most joyful period of pregnancy – the third trimester, but certainly not on the eve of childbirth. Close friends of the expecting mother are usually the ones who organize the event together with her mother. The most important person of the occasion herself only rests and enjoys all of the attention given to her. The only job the future mother should do is to make a list of those whom she would like to see at the party, as well as a “wish list” of gifts for the baby.

There are things to pay attention to about the gifts for the future newborn. What to do if you were invited by a close friend to the upcoming Baby Shower? To begin with, many stores offer pregnant women a service such as registry clearance. What is it? Everything is quite simple: the future mother goes to the shopping center and chooses everything that in her opinion her baby may need. Registers the list of goods and receives a digital code. When preparing an invitation for guests of the Baby Shower, she simply indicates the registration number on the invitation so the guest will easily get the right gift. Guests need to go through the list of welcome gifts and choose what they can and want to buy for the baby. The guests are satisfied because they are sure that they will give something right and useful, and the future mom is glad that she will not receive three identical breast pumps and four strollers that will end up not being used.

If the expecting mother who arranges Baby Shower did not organize the purchase of gifts in this way – it does not matter. You have a wonderful way: purchase an electronic gift certificate, which would imply the acquisition of items in the online store of children’s goods! With the help of a gift certificate, the expectant mother will choose and order through the Internet exactly what her first-born needs. You just have to choose the amount that you are ready to invest in a gift, and order an electronic gift certificate.

Why there is no Such Thing as Baby Shower in Russia

At the core of the nation, Russia always respects the traditional values handed down from generation to generation. It is very rare for a Russian to break the tradition. Another unique thing about Russians is that they still believe in superstitions. There are many things they dare not to cross to stay on the safe side. Some of these superstitions involve pregnancy and newborn baby, which become a few of the reasons why baby shower doesn’t exist in Russia.

1. Giving presents to an unborn baby will bring misfortune

Many Russians still believe in this quite not logical superstition. No baby clothing and necessities are allowed to be bought before the baby is born. It is believed that such early gift-giving will bring bad luck and jinx the baby’s well-being – which is exactly what a baby shower is all about. If this point wants to be seen in a better light, it could be a way the elders make sure the baby is born well before all the joyful moments begin.

2. Pregnancy should be kept a secret

This is another not logical superstition that Russian women should live with. Obviously, even though there is no baby shower involved, keeping such a joy for a long nine months is not easy and many women have definitely broken the rule. Not to mention the growing belly that will surely become obvious. The elders believe that letting a pregnancy known will invite the eye of the devil that may harm the expecting mother and her unborn baby.

3. Baby shower is a western tradition that is against the Russian’s

Now you know why there is no such tradition in Russia to welcome a baby so extravagantly. Although the trend has shifted, baby shower is still very rarely done in the country. This fact is back to the point that in the heart, Russia will always be a traditional and old nation.

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