5 Values of Russian New Year’s Ball

The new year is coming soon! Many people welcomed the new year with joy. There will be many activities that can be done because it is a holiday. Everyone will have fun when the new year holiday comes because they can spend time with family and close friends.

Many countries in the world usually carry out a tradition to welcome the new year. Whether it’s a tradition that has existed since the past or other activities that seemed to be included in the country’s traditions. Everyone will rejoice to celebrate.

In Russia there are several traditions carried out when the new year arrives. One of them is known as the Russian new year’s ball. Maybe not many people already know about this one tradition. Many are curious about one of these traditions in Russia. For that, let’s look at the 5 values of Russian New Year’s ball.

Talking about the new year, there are many things that concern about it. Whether it’s tradition, festival or other things. It would be nice to imagine many things that we can do and find only during New Year celebrations. Because at that time, of course there were lots of fun activities that could be enjoyed by everyone, whether it was local residents or foreign tourists visiting there.

Regarding tradition, not all traditions carried out during the new year are related to something done long ago. There are some traditions which are only done by some people. Including the celebration of one of the new year’s events in Russia.

Russia which is the largest country has a lot of traditions in each of the cities there. However, during the celebration of the new year, there is one of the famous traditions there. It was known as the Russian new year’s ball.

Did you know about this tradition? I think there are still many of you who don’t know about Russian new year’s ball. Maybe you are also curious about what is being done at that time. Therefore, to answer your curiosity, this article will discuss about the 5 values of Russian New Year’s ball.

  • About Russian New Year’s Ball

Russian new year’s ball is a celebration where there is a dinner which is devoted to the invitation. This event is usually done during the new year in Russia. It has become an annual tradition carried out since 1971.

You could say that the Russian new year’s ball is a formal dance party in Russia. The event is an event where people who have an invitation will gather and dance in a large hall. Although this is a party with an invitation, but now there are several tour packages that can also involve you in participating in the Russian new year’s ball when you visit Russia during the new year.

  • History of Russian New Year’s Ball

Russian new year’s ball also has its own history as to why it has become an annual event held in Russia today. It is a party that has existed since at least the 19th century. Although initially actually been around since the 17th century. The people involved in this dance party must at least bring their spouses, although in a few moments it can also change your dance partners.

Russian new year’s ball includes a great evening social event. Although some who come by invitation. The dances at this event come from popular and elegant forms of dance. It’s a kind of elegant formation for elite balls.

  • Time and Place for The Russian New Year’s Ball

The Russian new year’s ball is usually held around the beginning of the turn of the year until the Maslenitsa celebration. This dance party is commonly held in major Russian cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. Even so, there are also other areas in Russia that also celebrate the Russian new year’s ball but are not as formal as in general.

Russian new year’s ball is usually done in a large hall or a special hall for dance parties. People who have an invitation will come with a partner or at least fill in who they will go with. It’s common to have an invitation 10 days before the Russian new year’s ball event starts.

  • Costumes for Russian New Year’s Ball

For those who come or participate in the Russian new year’s ball, they will prepare their best dresses and clothes. Especially the women. They must find a way to make their dresses look new despite wearing the same dress for the previous dance party. Generally, dresses or clothes used to attend the Russian new year’s ball can only be used 1 to 2 times.

For women, the dress worn is the type of evening gown or gown that is commonly used for formal events. Often there are differences in dresses between women who have and women who are not married. If they are married, there is generally a tiara on the dress they wear.

  • Other Value About Russian New Year’s Ball

The Russian new year’s ball is actually a tribute dance for Princess Selene Obolensky. This event was held to commemorate and commemorate the death of Selene “Evdokia” Obolensky’s daughter who died in 2014. The tradition of this dance party is connecting the Russian Community and the Washington society. Until more than 40 years, this dance party is still held as a hereditary tradition in the Russian community. And now, the Russian new year’s ball is turning into an elegant and classy annual event.

And maybe there are still some of values of Russian New Year’s ball that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about 5 values of Russian New Year’s ball. It was a fun new year’s activity to do, wasn’t it? So, are you interested in taking part and participating in Russian New Year’s ball?

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