Can Ivan Kupala Be Followed by All Ages? 

Commended every year the evening of July 6th and 7th in Russia, the Feast of Ivan Kupala marks the northern half of the globe summer solstice with different ceremonies and uncommon foods being a part of the event.  While today’s Ivan Kupala festivities are said to be devoted to John the Baptist — Ivan being the Christian holy person’s Slavic […]

Ivan Kupala; A Russian Jolly Holiday That You Need to Know About 

While the mid-year solstice is all the more usually set apart with gatherings, firecrackers, and picnics in the present Russia, there is a lot of history behind the ceremonies that went before current festivals.   Antiquated clans that occupied this piece of the world celebrated with fire, water, melody, dance, and customs. It is called the […]

Celebration of Ivan Kupala Night in Post-Soviet Countries

Ivan Kupala Night is one of the most important celebrations in Slavic countries. Outside the area, the festival is probably unheard of. This ritual is indeed distinct in that area only. If you don’t know about it, in short, Ivan Kupala is an interesting summer celebration with lots of singing, dancing, and folk music. Let’s […]

How to celebrate Ivan Kupala Night in Russia

Have you ever heard about Ivan Kupala Night? It is one of the summer holidays in Russia. If you are coming to Russia this summer, you should not miss this event as well as other interesting Russian events during summers. First, let’s talk about the basic information about Ivan Kupala first. Ivan Kupala is a […]

8 Unknown facts of Ivan Kupala night festival

Every country has its own customs and traditions. It is what makes each country unique and interesting to explore. Because sometimes, that said tradition can be found elsewhere in the world. This is especially true in Russia, where it’s one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. People dwelling in the west part […]