Russian People’s Perspectives on Ghost; How Scary is It? 

Halloween is when ghosts and creepy decorations are on open presentation, helping us to remember the domain of the dead. In any case, might they be able to likewise be teaching us in significant exercises on the most proficient method to have moral existences?  The roots of current Halloween go back to ‘samhain‘, a Celtic […]

Don’t Do These Forbidden Things If You Don’t Want to Get Bad in Russia

When you want to visit somewhere, either in the city to abroad, we should find out in advance about what is forbidden there. These things become a kind of basis that we must do in order to minimize the problems that could arise when we are in the country. It will also make us comfortable […]

The Reasons Why Baby Shower is forbidden in Russia

Welcoming a baby into the world involves different customs based on the local culture. It is mostly seen as a way to send good hopes and wishes for the soon-to-be-born baby so they would come healthy and well. However, a baby is always an amazing gift. Baby shower is among the most common and popular […]

Russian Pregnancy Superstitions That You Should Know

Pregnancy is a very special period in the life of every woman. Especially if it is the first pregnancy, there will be a lot of questions, doubts and worries. The future mother often wonders if everything is all right, if the changes occurring in her body are normal, how to behave, so as not to […]

Don’t Do These Superstitions When You Visit Russia

Do you plan to travel to Russia in the near future? Other than learning how to say daily phrases in local language or looking for a nice place to stay or mark attractions, it would be wise to understand the culture and customs, too. You should know that, among other interesting things, Russians believe in […]

Good Luck Superstitions and Figs; What Are the Connections?

You may have heard interesting facts about Russians. One of them is that they are the people of duality, and among the opposite things is that they are believers but superstitious at the same time. Rituals and customs are integral parts of any culture, no less important than the achievements of science or examples of […]

You May Not Give These Gifts to Russian People

Gift giving is an important part of life in Russia, because it is considered bad form to arrive empty-handed in any social event. Aside of personal occasion such as dinner, birthday, and wedding; there are also several national celebrations that require gift exchange, such as the New Year holiday and the International Woman’s Day. However, […]

17 Russian Superstitions that Every Russian Kid Know

Russian tradition do not recognize some of the most common western superstition, such as the deadly myth of number 13 or the peril of walking under the stairs. However, there are dozens if not hundreds of Russian superstitions that has become inseparable with everyday life. They may come from folk custom that somehow evolves into […]

7 Favorite Russian Superstitions that are Believed to Bring Good Luck

Superstition is an inseparable part of Russian tradition. It has evolved throughout the years into social etiquette and norms that are commonly accepted in Russian society, although it originally may be born out of mere folk belief and archaic mindset. Celebrations, daily activities, and interpersonal communications are almost always lightly nuanced with superstition. Superstitions that […]

Marriage Superstition According to Russian View

The wedding day is a day that is eagerly awaited by many people. It was a nice day for the bride and groom couples, family, friends and invited guests. Ahead of the wedding day, there are many things that must be prepared. However, behind all the preparations sometimes there are also beliefs and superstitions that […]