Can Ivan Kupala Be Followed by All Ages? 

Commended every year the evening of July 6th and 7th in Russia, the Feast of Ivan Kupala marks the northern half of the globe summer solstice with different ceremonies and uncommon foods being a part of the event.  While today’s Ivan Kupala festivities are said to be devoted to John the Baptist — Ivan being the Christian holy person’s Slavic […]

Ivan Kupala; A Russian Jolly Holiday That You Need to Know About 

While the mid-year solstice is all the more usually set apart with gatherings, firecrackers, and picnics in the present Russia, there is a lot of history behind the ceremonies that went before current festivals.   Antiquated clans that occupied this piece of the world celebrated with fire, water, melody, dance, and customs. It is called the […]

What Things That Should be Prepared to Attend Birthday Party in Russia

Birthday celebrations are some of the more important occasions that we must attend several times every year. A birthday by itself signifies someone’s beginning in life and tends to be quite personal. However, a birthday party is a mean to express thanks to God for being born, as well as an opportunity to strengthen one’s […]

How Father’s Day Celebrated in Russia (Unofficial Holiday)

First things first, we all have to understand the importance of a father that cannot be brushed off or ignored at all since he is our own superhero who is always ready to take on everyday troubles of us as children. Like a mother, the significance of a father is beyond all as he is […]

How Russian People Celebrate Defender of the Fatherland’s Day

It was originally known as Red Army Day, a celebration to mark the creation of the Soviet Army back in 1918.  The holiday endured several name changes throughout the years. The last one was given in 2002 when it officially became Russian public holiday. Even though the celebration has an obviously military origin, it is more […]