All Myths About Study in Russia, Is It Necessary to Catch the Truth?

Education is one of the factors that are important in human life. Therefore, there is a need to prepare before starting the education period. There are many ways that are usually done to make preparations. Usually, people who want to study will find out everything about the school or university they want to go to. […]

Why Are Russian People Identical With The Serious Character?

If you have seen enough movies, you might be familiar with how Russians are typically pictured in them; tough, cold, up to no humors and serious. Many times they are given roles as spies or villains. But is it true that in reality Russians are always so serious? Why are they identified with such character? […]

7 Favorite Russian Superstitions that are Believed to Bring Good Luck

Superstition is an inseparable part of Russian tradition. It has evolved throughout the years into social etiquette and norms that are commonly accepted in Russian society, although it originally may be born out of mere folk belief and archaic mindset. Celebrations, daily activities, and interpersonal communications are almost always lightly nuanced with superstition. Superstitions that […]

6 Popular Myths about Crimea That Most Frequently Told by Russian

Historically speaking, Russia had signed the Treaty of Paris back in 1856, acknowledging defeat in the Crimean War. But the claim did not last long. Russia’s leaders would go back to Crimea again and again. In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea in an illegal move that transgressed the territorial integrity of the former Soviet republic. It sparked a war that […]

6 Russian Fairy Tale and Myth Books for Children

We know that a child’s imagination is a powerful and picturesque thing. Not only is it used to create stories and games, but it is also a key factor in their creative thoughts. This imagination comes with a cultural literacy and fairy tale and myth often include different cultures and things. They show children the […]

13 Famous Myths About Studying In Russia

Moving halfway across the world for studying in Russia can be daunting. Moreover, if you never living on your own and dealing with various difficulties that one can face as non-Russian living in Russia. Figuring out how to get along faster with fellow students and lecturer can be very intimidating. You might be confused on […]

11 Ridiculous Myths About Russia That Most People Believe In.

You may read some facts about Russia but ridiculous myth surrounding the country really annoy Russian people. Among the silly myth are the mysterious natural wonders in Russia and even the legendary myth surrounding Lake Baikal. However, no one can really tell if you never set foot in Russia. What are myths and arent? Of all the […]