Marriage Superstition According to Russian View

The wedding day is a day that is eagerly awaited by many people. It was a nice day for the bride and groom couples, family, friends and invited guests.

Ahead of the wedding day, there are many things that must be prepared. However, behind all the preparations sometimes there are also beliefs and superstitions that are usually said by someone to the bride and groom before the two get married.

Likewise, with Russia. There are also myths and beliefs related to marriage.

To add information to you, let’s look at marriage superstition according to Russian view.

In all countries in the world, they usually have beliefs and superstitions in the lives of their people. This belief and superstition can cover several things in our daily lives such as bad luck, love stories, and about marriage.

From one city to another in each country, they have different beliefs and superstitions. There are still many people who still apply it in their lives. And they believe that if it does have an effect if it’s not done.

Likewise, with the lives of Russian citizens. There are also beliefs and superstitions about some things in everyday life, including those related to marriage. Russians still strongly believe in belief and superstition.

I think, there are still many people who wonder about what superstitions exist in Russia relating to marriage. For this reason, in this article I will discuss marriage superstition according to Russian view.

  • Don’t Sit at The Corner of The Table If You Are Not Married

People in Russia still believe in superstition. There are some beliefs or superstitions related about unmarried young women with marriage. And people in Russia still believe and do things that are prohibited or suggested in the beliefs or superstitions that are there.

One of them is superstition about unmarried young women who cannot sit in a corner of the table. They believe that if a young woman who violate could not be married for 7 years. There are even those who say if the young woman will not get married. But it does not apply to the little girl.

  • Russians Believe Not to Marry in May

Are you planning a wedding and looking for your wedding date? If you hold the wedding in Russia, then you should avoid to get married in May. And you have to really pay attention to it.

People in Russia still believe that the marriage that took place in May is destined to be unhappy. The month of May is regarded as a difficult month. There are even some who say that good people don’t get married in May. This superstition arises because the word “May” in Russian sounds like a word that means “suffering”.

  • Don’t Try Other People’s Wedding Dresses and Accessories

If there is a woman who is going to get married, of course she will prepare the best wedding gown and accessories to enhance her appearance. Sometimes, there are friends or maybe relatives of the bride who wants to try the wedding dress. Some brides allow and some don’t allow.

However, if you are not married and you have also tried wedding dresses or wedding accessories several times belonging to your friends or relatives, you should not do so if you are in Russia. People in Russia believe that if there are women who do that it will bring bad signs for them. The worst thing is they’re not going to get married.

  • Don’t Wear A Skirt from Your Feet

There may be many of them wearing skirts from their feet. And some are wearing skirts from above their heads. However, if you are in Russia, you must wear your skirt from above your head.

People in Russia believe that if there are women who step on their skirts and wear them from their feet, their husbands will not be loyal to them. Girls in Russia have been known about it since they were kids.

  • About the Rain That Fell During the Wedding Day

Maybe some people think if it rained on their wedding day, then it would bring bad omen for them. There could even be a country that has superstitions related to rain and marriage. Included in Russia.

In Russia, there is a superstition about a couple who got married when it was raining. There, the couple who got married when the rain fell was a good omen. People in Russia believe that the couple will get rich because they get married when it rains.

  • Not Married on The Planned Wedding Date

You must have heard of a couple who is canceled on the planned day. For some reason, a marriage may be reversed or may be moved from the actual date. If you have a marriage in Russia, you have to get married according to the date planned beforehand.

In Russia there is a superstition about couples who are not married according to the planned date. If a couple is not married on the date planned, then it is a sign of disaster for them. The couple could not be happier in life after their wedding.

  • Be Careful Not to Drop Your Wedding Ring

In marriage in countries around the world, there is always a session to exchange wedding rings. But you must be careful and watchful for your wedding ring. In some countries, including in Russia, there is superstition about wedding rings. You should not drop your wedding ring because it would be able to be a bad sign.

And maybe there are still some of marriage superstition according to Russian view that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out marriage superstition according to Russian view. Believe it or not, it’s your decision.

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