Don’t Do These Forbidden Things If You Don’t Want to Get Bad in Russia

When you want to visit somewhere, either in the city to abroad, we should find out in advance about what is forbidden there. These things become a kind of basis that we must do in order to minimize the problems that could arise when we are in the country. It will also make us comfortable when we spend our time in that place, right?

Every country in the world has its own forbidden things. Both locals and tourists must respect by not doing this forbidden thing. Similarly, if you go to Russia.

In Russia there are also some things that are forbidden for you to do. Especially if you are a tourist there. But, do you know about what you should not do while in Russia? I think there are still many of you who don’t know that yet. For that, let’s see about don’t do these forbidden things if you don’t want to get bad in Russia.

Before visiting a place or country, you should start preparing carefully in advance. One way is to start finding out about the country and the things you should avoid when you are in that place. That way you will be able to comfortably enjoy your time walking around the place without needing to feel threatened or in serious trouble.

Each country certainly has its own rules, both general rules and regulations based on customs and etiquette there. As tourists visiting the country surely, we want to be kind and feel comfortable while there, right? For that, we must obey the forbidden things there.

If you want to visit Russia too, there are some things that are forbidden for you to do while you are there. Some of those things you might say are weird and some of them still make sense. To add information for those of you who want to visit Russia, this article will discuss about don’t do these forbidden things if you don’t want to get bad in Russia.

  • Wear Gloves When Shaking Hands

If you visit Russia during the winter, you should know and remember about it. Do not use your gloves when shaking hands. People in Russia will not care about how cold your hands are during winter. Even if you mean to make hands warm, but wear gloves when shaking hands in Russia will be interpreted as you are disgusted and did not want to touch the skin of Russians who want to shake your hand. It only takes a short time and you can put your gloves back on if you feel you can’t stand the cold.

  • Wearing Shoes Inside the House

When you want to enter a Russian home, you must remember to take off any shoes or footwear you wear. The host in Russia will provide you slippers or tapochki for you to wear while at home. Wearing shoes inside the house will make the host’s house dirty, while almost all Russians don’t like germs and dirty. In your shoes you may be exposed to snow, dirt, sand or ice on the streets during your trip. At least with this small act of yours, you can at the same time respect the owner of the house you are visiting.

  • Come to Fulfill the Invitation Empty Handed

This is something you really must remember when you want to visit the home of a relative, close friend or colleague in Russia. Don’t come to the house to fulfill the invitation empty-handed. At least you should bring a gift that can be a bottle of wine, flowers, dessert or something else. If you bring flowers, there are other things you should pay attention to. Because every rule about the flower has its own meaning for the host that you visit.

  • Criticize About Russia

Perhaps this is the most important thing you must remember before going to Russia. Do not even criticize about Russia there. Save the criticism you want to express, especially if it concerns politics and government in Russia. It’s better if you don’t interfere with what is happening in the country. Even though you consider that criticism a patriotic thing, but by criticizing the state and its government, it is the same as you are not a good citizen and you can get punished for what you say.

  • Traveling Without Passport

This is also important for you to remember while in Russia. Never forget and leave your passport during a walk in Russia (do not carry a passport during your trip). At some point in the country, there are Russian police who can at any time stop your destination with a view to checking your papers. If you don’t look like a Russian, you might be stopped. Even if you don’t carry your passport, you can also be arrested for an unknown identity.

  • Whistling Indoors

Before visiting Russia, it helps you find out in advance about the myths and superstitions that exist there. Because if you violate this superstition, you could have problems. According to one superstition in Russia, you should not whistle when you are in the house for whatever reason. Whistling inside the house can be related to financial difficulties or financial disadvantages in the family or host that you visit and that is a bad thing.

And maybe there are still some of don’t do these forbidden things if you don’t want to get bad in Russia that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about don’t do these forbidden things if you don’t want to get bad in Russia. So, if you know of other forbidden things in Russia that can get you stuck in trouble and you want to share about it, you can write your experience in the comment column.

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