How to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Russian Style

Thanksgiving! Who does not love Thanksgiving? With all the struggles and difficulties we may be facing throughout the year, there is so much to be thankful for. Moreover, it is such a great excuse to throw a party at home. Traditionally, people all around the world are expected to have turkey for lunch and dinner with […]

6 Fun Facts of Russian Children’s Day

Children’s Day is celebrated June 1st all around the country and Russia was the first country to keep pace with the WIDF (Women International Democratic Federation)’s resolution on International Children’s Day. As June 1st is approaching each year, Russian children perform indigenous dances to enjoy various festivals and other celebration activities that their schools organize […]

6 Ways to Celebrate Childhood Memories on Children’s Day in Russia

One of the most exhilarating days of the year for a child is Children’s Day. The day is supposed to be presented entirely to children all around the world. It is a day that is special and will give children and their parents good memories through years of fun experiences. However, children are naturally fickle. […]

How Father’s Day Celebrated in Russia (Unofficial Holiday)

First things first, we all have to understand the importance of a father that cannot be brushed off or ignored at all since he is our own superhero who is always ready to take on everyday troubles of us as children. Like a mother, the significance of a father is beyond all as he is […]

History of the Men’s Day in Russia

First things first, I would like to shed some light to you about the importance of knowing your country’s or other’s history.  When history is well learned, the perspective of the country and its civilization can be rediscovered. In most of the cases, the custom and culture of a country can only be learned by researching […]

5 Important Traditions During Defender of The Fatherland’s Day

What would come to your mind when you heard the word holiday? Most people would prefer to go shopping, partying, hanging out, and traveling. All those options would no doubt dominate the top of their list. The truth is, many holidays start to become so commercialized that our proud traditions are in the verge of […]

Get to Know the Meaning of Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia

Russia has been known for its soldiers’ courage and heroism and it has also been an integral part of greatness and fortitude of the state. Russia had two military saints with a day of their own, namely Saint George, patron of Russia’s Army, whose day was celebrated on December 9th and Saint Andrew, patron of […]

How Russian People Celebrate Defender of the Fatherland’s Day

It was originally known as Red Army Day, a celebration to mark the creation of the Soviet Army back in 1918.  The holiday endured several name changes throughout the years. The last one was given in 2002 when it officially became Russian public holiday. Even though the celebration has an obviously military origin, it is more […]

8 Facts of International Men’s Day in Russia

Perhaps you have heard about International Men’s Day commemorated in the UK to shine a spotlight on men, especially men who make a positive difference. Not only that, it is also commemorated to raise awareness issues men face on some scale. Those include sensitive topics such as mental health, toxic masculinity, and the prevalence of […]

13 Popular Russian Books To Read During Your Holiday

Since the 19th century, Russian literature has gained international fame and recognition. Therefore, Indeed, if you’re spending your holiday in Russia or are thinking about knowing more about the country through written works. Here are some popular Russian Books to accompany you during your holiday. 1. Alexander Pushkin – Boris Godunov Anyone coming to Moscow […]