5 Amazing Facts of Thanksgiving in Russia

We have come to know that Thanksgiving is an opportunity to express our gratitude and stuff ourselves with turkey, mashed potatoes, and other party dishes, but the holiday’s history is a bit more involved than that. The history of Thanksgiving is one of spectacle, entrepreneurial spirit, economic recovery, and of course, feasting. These days, it […]

5 Popular Menus During Thanksgiving in Russia You Could Try

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, feeling grateful, and sharing food with friends and family. Thanksgiving is often stereotyped as a day where American people stuff themselves with turkey and then pass out on the couch while watching an entertainment programming on TV. That may be true for the average American, but little did they […]

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Russian Style

Thanksgiving! Who does not love Thanksgiving? With all the struggles and difficulties we may be facing throughout the year, there is so much to be thankful for. Moreover, it is such a great excuse to throw a party at home. Traditionally, people all around the world are expected to have turkey for lunch and dinner with […]