How to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Russian Style

russian thanksgivingThanksgiving! Who does not love Thanksgiving? With all the struggles and difficulties we may be facing throughout the year, there is so much to be thankful for. Moreover, it is such a great excuse to throw a party at home. Traditionally, people all around the world are expected to have turkey for lunch and dinner with their respective family.

Thanksgiving, as the name suggests, giving thanks helps us to recognize, appreciate, and be thankful for the good things in our lives. It is something that is good to do at any time of the year, but there is just something very special about celebrating Thanksgiving. Listed below are common ways how to celebrate Thanksgiving with Russian style. Keep on reading.

Thanksgiving Russian Style

As we all know, Thanksgiving is actually much more of an American experience than Russian. However, it does not mean that Russian people cannot celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, they have been hosting Thanksgiving dinners at their homes every year. And, instead of serving the traditional thanksgiving food such as turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pumpkin or apple pie, many Russian families go all out with a Russian wedding menu or autumnal flavors such as pumpkin-based triptych of latkes, soup and crème brûlée, and a turkey. As for the celebratory style, they usually indulge in some Russianness. They sing and dance during Thanksgiving celebration because Russian is all about party.

They usually go with a theme for their Thanksgiving celebrations so that it will be easy for them to streamline their planning and set the tone for their festivities. Colors, for example, are a great place to start. For them, hues that complement the ambience best include oranges, browns, yellows, and burgundies. They aim to incorporate those colors in their Thanksgiving invitations, decorations, and so on.

Thanksgiving American-Russian Style

In some cases, there are immigrants who stay in the United States of America at the time of the Soviet Union has had some time to adjust to the holiday. They gradually made it their own through a unique blend of American and Russian elements. Throughout the years, the tradition of Thanksgiving has also grown 
into a business opportunity where Russian people plans to serve more American-style Thanksgiving dishes such as turkey with two kinds of stuffing and cranberry sauce, as well as Russian dishes such as pickled vegetables and fried
 potatoes with mushrooms.

As you can already conclude, the dish is, of course, central. Classic Russian staples, such as salads, herring, and beets are often incorporated to enhance the traditionally turkey-centric menu. Russian people will usually treat their guests to dishes belonging both to the American and Russian tradition such as beef tongue, mushroom, fish dishes, and pickles. Naturally, vodka is part of the equation and so it is the custom of making toasts throughout the celebration. Traditionally, toasts are so crucial to Russian people because they are an opportunity to proclaim something or celebrate something.

Special Dinner

Walking down Russian cities on Sunday afternoon in early November, the ambience can be quite dazzling at times. You will find shiny wrappers of Russian candy everywhere, neatly displayed on the high shelves of the local shops. You will also notice the reflection of the gold, orange, and burgundy of the harvest-themed decorations all over the city during the holiday. Since many Russian families prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving outside, do not be surprised if you find a lot of signs on the front of Russian restaurant inviting passersby to make a reservation for Thanksgiving.

They will usually look for the option to do a wine pairing with the special menu. Some restaurants offer market-driven Russian comfort food, highlighting the local seasonal ingredients. So, the customers can enjoy the delicious dishes and craft cocktails in a bright and airy atmosphere, featuring lush greenery to create an indoor-outdoor garden experience.

Thanksgiving at Russian Tea Room

Russian Tea Room is a Russian diner residing in New York for years. It is known for its cultural dining experiences. It captures modernist Russian style décor and often hosts New York’s elite as a restaurant for elegant high tea, continental fine dining, the finest vodka selection, and a stylish party venue. The interior includes four magnificent floors, featuring the original café, a big ballroom, and whimsical Russian bears to discover at every turn, definitely a perfect place to host a Thanksgiving party.

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During Thanksgiving, at Russian Tea Room, Russian people will propose a menu that promises something for everyone. The menu varies, but it usually includes pelmeni or Russian dumplings soup and chicken Kiev to turkey and stuffing. It has been growing in popularity every year. They will enjoy devouring the dishes with not just family, but also close friends. Everybody just gets together to thank each other for being in each other’s lives. No wonder Thanksgiving has become their favorite American holiday, ­ a window to a culture that is now theirs. Also, remember to dress appropriately as if you are dining in the best restaurant. For example, for men, you can wear shirt and dress slacks for lunch, but, for dinner, you should include tie and jacket or suit.

Not only Russia, I hope the whole world adopt Thanksgiving. And by that, I do not mean the things like the big traditional dinner or celebration, but the idea of dedicating the holiday to giving thanks. Imagine seeing people making a special effort on Thanksgiving day to say thank you to people in their lives such as family, friends, neighbors, and also God for the prosper that is in their lives. Thanksgiving just has the potential to be a day that could unite everyone across this world in giving thanks.

So, those are ways how to celebrate Thanksgiving with Russian style. Is there any similarity between them and those you do in your hometown? Please let me know.

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