7 Russian Dishes that Can be Made by Yourself

Do you like to cook? What type of cuisine is usually made by you? Are you interested in trying to make dishes from other countries?

In each country in the world, there are many types of cuisines. From the easiest to the hardest to be cooked by ourselves. Similarly, the Russian dishes.

To add to your information about Russian dishes, let’s look at Russian dishes that can be made by yourself.

For those who have a hobby of cooking, they are usually happy to try cooking new dishes. Whether from their home countries or from other countries. There are types of dishes that are easiest to make even for those who make them for the first time and there are also dishes that require special skills to make them.

Dishes in Russia was also so. There are several types of dishes that you can make yourself at home. Especially for those of you who have tried to eat that dish before. Of course, it will be easier to make a resemblance to the taste of Russian dishes that you make with authentic dishes made by Russians.

For this reason, this article will discuss 7 Russian dishes that can be made by yourself.

  • Blini

Blini or Bliny is a Russian dish similar to pancakes. These foods can be made from wheat, buckwheat flour and also some other types of flour. Usually Blini is often served at certain celebrations. For example, the Maslenitsa celebration.

Blini slightly different from the pancake in general. Blini is not as thick as a general pancake and not as thin as crepes. This food can also be varied with a variety of fillings. Usually filling in Blini are honey, raspberry jam, caviar, sweetened condensed milk and more. Recipes make Blini usually can serve more than 10 Blini, depending on the size of the pan used.

  • Russian Salad

Russian salad or also known as the Olivier salad is a traditional salad dish of Russia. This salad is also popular in former Soviet countries, Europe and several other countries. This salad is named Salad Olivier because it is adapted to the creator of this salad recipe, Lucien Olivier. But the original ingredients used have been exchanged for more common and cheaper food ingredients. This dish is usually one of the main dishes served during the celebration of New Year’s Eve (“Novy God”).

These Russian salads in modern recipes have little difference. Russian Salad or Salad Olivier usually made of carrots, green beans, eggs, boiled potatoes, onions, bologna sausage, pickled fennel salt, and a few other ingredients were added with salt, pepper, mustard and mayonnaise.

  • Pelmeni (Russian Dumplings)

Pelmeni is a dish from Russia which is still included in dumpling food. Pelmeni includes foods that are popular among Russian food. What distinguishes Pelmeni from dumplings in general is the addition of spices in meat or fish used in dumplings. Pelmeni’s dumplings are thin and unleavened.

The size of the pelmeni is one bite. Usually this dish is served with sour cream. But some are served with soup, butter and mustard. When you order a Pelmeni, you will be asked by the seller about what your food wants to be served.

  • Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish made from sliced beef and served in a sour cream sauce. This sour cream sauce is thick sauce. This dish has become a popular dish all over the world. There are several countries that present variations of this Russian dish.

Beef Stroganoff is also known as Beef Stroganov. The name of this dish came from one of the members of the Stroganov family who were influential at that time. It seems like it would be a good idea to try cooking this food yourself at home.

  • Pierogi

Pierogi is a Russian dish that actually originates from Central and Eastern Europe. This dish is similar to dumplings. Pierogi is made from unleavened dough which has a sweet or savory filling. The food becomes food that matches any type of filling. Pierogi must be cooked in boiling water or it can also be fried.

Pierogi is also a snack that can be easily found on the Russian. Even almost everywhere sell Pierogi. The price of this dish is very cheap. You can find sellers who sell for less than $ 1. You can try the taste of Pierogi before trying to make it yourself at home.

  • Solyanka

Solyanka is thick, sour and spicy soup from Russia. This soup is quite common and popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Solyanka is an unusual dish because of the combination of food ingredients used in it. This food has an attractive texture and taste in a bowl of soup.

The ingredients used to make Solyanka are considered a little strange but you have to taste the soup yourself before giving a judgement. This soup is made from pickled cucumbers, sausages, olives, lemons, cabbage and some additional meat or other vegetables.

  • Borscht

Borscht is a sour soup from Russia. This soup is also common in Eastern Europe and North Asia. Borscht’s popularity spread throughout the former Russian Empire. As the era evolved, Borscht now has many variations of soup. And the most popular is red borscht.

Red borscht is made from a combination of meat or bone broth with sautéed vegetables, such as cabbage, onions, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes. The red color of the soup comes from beets. There are several variants of Borscht adding meat or fish into it. Some also serve this soup with eggs or potatoes.

And maybe there are still some of Russian dishes that can be made by yourself that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out 7 Russian dishes that can be made by yourself.

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