7 Dishes Served to Russian Student: School Lunch Documentary

The lunch menu in the school cafeteria is often a memory that comes to mind when we recall the school days. Do you still remember the lunch menu in your school cafeteria? What dishes are your favorite?

Each country in the world has a typical school lunch menu. The lunch menu is usually changed every day of the week. This includes the school lunch menu in Russia.

Do you know what dishes are served in Russian school cafeterias? I think there are still many of you who still don’t know about the menu that is served in the Russian school cafeteria. For this reason, let’s look at dishes served to Russian students: school lunch documentary.

The lunch menu in the school cafeteria is sometimes something that students look forward to. Although there are indeed some students who don’t like it. In fact, there are dishes in the lunch menu at school cafeterias that became a favorite of many students. Unfortunately, there are still students who don’t like the lunch menu in their school cafeterias because they think that the dish is tasteless and unattractive. Even though not all dishes are like that.

Each country has a lunch menu in various school cafeterias, and of course it is with a country characteristic. In fact, every school in each city in one country may have a different lunch dish. The dish was usually different because there are many factors surrounding environment, culture and finance at the school.

The same goes for lunch at school cafeterias in Russia. Russian children also enjoy lunch at their school. Although there are also those who choose to go home and have lunch at home with their families before returning to school again. The menu dishes are prepared each day is usually different.

However, not all levels of school in Russia provide free lunches in the school cafeteria. There are still several schools in Russia that sell lunch dishes in the school cafeteria. Students can buy lunch dishes according to their wishes. It is often found in high schools.

Then do you know what kind of dish is usually served when having lunch in a Russian school cafeteria? For those of you who are curious, this article will discuss about 7 dishes served to Russian students: school lunch documentary.

  • Borscht with Sour Cream and Bread

The dish that is often served in the Russian school cafeteria is Borscht. Borscht is a traditional Eastern European soup made from red beets. It is also a dish that can be mixed with the meat. This Borscht dish is served with sour cream and comes with bread. For drinks, you will usually be served tea, juice, syrup or other fresh sweet drinks.

  • Russian Salad

Another dish that is the lunch menu in the Russian school cafeteria is Russian salad. The Russian salad usually served consists of potatoes, boiled eggs, some vegetables, meat (chicken, ham or other types of meat) and mayonnaise. There is also a simple Russian salad serving because it only consists of potatoes and mayonnaise. Common drinks are served almost the same, tea, syrup, juice or other refreshing sweet drinks.

  • Meat Dish or Sausage with Mashed Potatoes

A simple dish often served in Russian school cafeterias is meat or sausage dishes and mashed potatoes. This is a favorite dish for students because of course many of them like meat-based dishes. Maybe this is included in the list of dishes that are not served at the school cafeteria for free. Drinks served with this dish are like other dishes.

  • Russian Buckwheat Porridge

One of the other traditional dishes in Russia served in the Russian school cafeteria is the Russian Buckwheat Porridge. The Russian Buckwheat Porridge is a dish made from Buckwheat grains. This type of porridge can be given other additions according to taste, which is why this porridge is often different from other porridge in Russia. Drinks served with Russian Buckwheat porridge are almost the same as drinks served with other dishes.

  • Omelette

The dish that I think became a favorite of school students are Omelette. Omelette is often served as a breakfast menu but this is also suitable as a lunch menu in the school cafeteria. Even though it’s a simple dish, Omelette is still a popular dish from time to time. Soft Omelette is usually served with peas or boiled cabbage. Drinks served with Omelette are usually the same as drinks served with other dishes.

  • Semolina Pudding

Another dish that has become a favorite from the past until now is Semolina Pudding. Semolina Pudding is a dish made from semolina grains, oatmeal, cereals or similar ingredients mixed with milk. This is included in traditional dishes in Russia. Generally, Semolina Pudding is served as a dish for breakfast but not infrequently it is also served as a lunch dish. Drinks served with Semolina pudding are usually the same as those served in other dishes.

  • Cottage Cheese Bake

One other traditional dish that is still served in the Russian school cafeteria is Cottage cheese bake. Cottage cheese bake is a type of cake containing cheese. Usually this becomes an afternoon snack kindergarten for children, but is also suitable as a school lunch meal. The topping given above the Cottage cheese can adjust the cooks. For drinks served with Cottage cheese bake it’s almost the same as drinks served with other dishes in the Russian school cafeteria.

And maybe there are still some of dishes served to Russian students: school lunch documentary that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about 7 dishes served to Russian students: school lunch documentary. So, which lunch dishes become your favorite?

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