5 Popular Selfie Spots to Proof That You’ve Been in Russia

Have you been in Russia? or are you preparing to visit Russia on your next journey? Russia, a world biggest country that always portrayed in media as the fabulous modern country which still maintain the historical heritage and also rich in cultural aspect. For the traveller enthusiast, it is the perfect place to explore, since […]

5 Most Influential Person In Russia You must Know

So many Russian persons have become legends . Most people in the world should know most of these extraordinary persons from this country, beside from its rich of history. Here are 5 Most Influential Person In Russia You must Know : 1. Vladimir Putin A charismatic person that love nature, pet lover, judo master, hockey player. Became an […]

11 Popular Russian Appetizers You Must Try

Russia is famous with the richness of diverse culture, since the country is extends from Europe to Asia. The food taste might be different from one city and another, but the philosophy concept of each food are related, they have the same definition to describe foods. Which are delicious, unique, slightly eccentric and family-oriented. Although […]

8 Most popular Russian Christmas recipes that you can try

Russia is famous as a land of snow, which has extreme weather temperatures. Besides, it also has a long cultural history which is about over 1000 years. Before the Russian revolution of 1917 and the fall of the Romanov dynasty that had ruled the country for over 300 years, Russia was loyally Orthodox Christian country. […]

Here are the Most Popular Places for Foreigners to Live in Russia

Do you wish to live in Russia after getting a job? Do you know what popular place for foreigners like you? Here are the most popular places for foreigners to live in Russia. Yes, you read it right. You can live in Russia according to the popularity of the place. You can live among foreigners just […]

10 Most Popular Cuisine in Saint Petersburg Russia

When you’re coming to Russia, St Petersburg is one of the places that you must visit. Like the capital city Moscow, this also populated city has a lot to offer when it comes to culinary adventures. For your visit to Moscow, you’ve learned about the Most Popular Cuisine in Moscow Russia. How about finding out […]

16 Type of Most Popular Cuisine in Moscow Russia

As the capital and most largely populated city in Russia, of course Moscow has a lot to offer. Especially in terms of food and cuisine. From street food to high-end restaurants, Moscow has many famous traditional dishes for you. Certainly, if you’re ever in Moscow, you have to try the most popular cuisine in Moscow, […]