8 Personality traits of Russian you must know

Russia is part of a soviet union. Russia is also the largest country in the world and has the ninth largest population in the world. If you or a foreigner living in Russia is almost certain to experience some culture shock such as extreme weather and language differences. In this article will be discussed in full and in depth about the 8 Personality traits of Russian you must know. You can do best way to start learning Russian.

Russia is the birthplace of various arts such as theater, dance, art, music and architecture. Cultural and linguistic differences require you to learn the culture and language of russia, so that you are more familiar with them. Different cultures of russia with you create different character of Russian society. Here are 8 Personality traits of Russian you must know, such as:

1. Individuality

If you live in big cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg, then you are very difficult to be friendly with the locals. In this city, people on the streets seem not to see each other and are very indifferent. This is because the Russians have a habit of keeping their public views private.

One of the philosophies in Russia is the view that life is suffering. Therefore, the population of Russia must be able to bear the difficulties of its suffering. It happens if you are unknown to people or you are not familiar with the Russians. However, if Russian already knows you well, within them will appear sense of friendship, generosity, even helping you gladly.

2. Hobbies Drinking

Men in Russia have a habit of connecting foreigners to their countries by organizing a drinking event. This hobby does not mean all Russians are heavy drinkers, but there are 40% of the population of Russia who do not consume alcohol at all. Alcohol addiction has been the homework of the Russian government for the past two years. The most famous drink in Russia is scandinavian vodka. Read also Most Interesting Things You Should Know About Scandinavian Vodka.

3. Hard worker

Culture and work ethic The Russians are very strong. It is seen that the Russians can work long hours and remain busy after work hours. In addition, if you want to do business with them then you must learn Russian language first because Russian people prefer to mengguankan Russian language than the English language.

Russians are always doing everything till the deadline. They work at a slow pace, but the end result is very good. It shows the Russians have the ability to finish the job well. In addition, personality traits of russian is optimist. To deal with all the problems, the Russians always faced the problem calmly and optimist solve the problem.

4. Bring a gift

For Russians, when visiting friends, neighbors or simply acquaintances, they often carry small gifts like a box of chocolates, cakes, or toys for children. This is seen not the value of the prize but the impression to be given. In addition, this gift is also given to business clients because to be well received in business and association. Flower bouques are also given when visiting family at home or attending a celebration at the restaurant. Flower giving is also given at the funeral cycles with an even number of flowers. Flower buckets are also given when visiting family at home or attending a celebration at the restaurant. The giving of flowers is also given at the funeral cycles with an even number of flowers. Read also : flower gifting etiquette in Russia.

5. Honest

The Russians never hide the bad thoughts behind the smile. The soul of the Russians holds the principle of honesty. Their honesty reactions are often regarded as disrespectful, but in fact they have no bad thoughts. Characters like this are better than giving a fake smile to hide bad thoughts.

6. Playful

Changes in social engagement in Russia are difficult to predict and grow more rapidly than other countries. One of the ways Russians deal with the circumstances of the changes by joking with people they know. Although the situation is in serious condition, they can be joking, for example a policeman can joke with a suspect in the middle of an introgration with the victim and the lawyer. 

7. Not willing to queue

Russians have a bad habit while waiting in line that is not willing to queue up. The official system of coordinating lines is rare in Russia. This russian habits you can see in public places such as airports. The reason they do not want to queue is for them, time is everything. Time for them can be used to work, take care of the family or just take a vacation.

8. Lazy to go abroad

Levada center states that most of Russia’s population of about 70% refuse to go abroad. This is due to several reasons, one of which is security. According to them, going abroad is a very dangerous thing. In addition, the comfort of living in their own country as well as love for their natural beauty and culture makes them unwilling to go abroad.

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