5 Easy ways to learn Russian by listening

When you learn Russian language, learning basic knowledge is not enough and still requires listening skill in order to engage in conversation. You need to know alphabet, some common words or sentences in Russian before you learn  Russian by listening. We highly recommend you to visit Learn Russian for Beginners Easily. The function of learning Russian […]

7 Best Way to Start Learning Russian

Learning Russian is not so difficult as people think, it will be very interesting if you liked it and know the benefits of learning Russian language. If you’re learning Russian at the moment, then this article will help you to boost your knowledge of learning Russian. Studying Russian language isn’t something that we can learn […]

10 Advantages of learning Russian as Indonesian

  Why we should learn Russian and what the advantage of learning the Russian language? many important things that we can use if we learn Russian language. If you can speak the Russian language, you don’t have to worry if you’re visiting Russia or former Soviet country. Studying one of the hardest language in the world […]

Family Phrases in Russian Language

In this lesson we gonna talk about Family words and phrases in Russian. By learning words and phrases about family you will allow yourself to talk about family, which is a popular topic of daily conversation in Russia. To give you a glimpse on what kind of conversation you can make to talk about family, you […]