The Using of Preposition “-К(о)” in Russian Language

  Prepositions are words that indicate various types of relation between words. For example, they may indicate location (in the room), direction (to the store), time (before dinner), and many other relations. In English one preposition may be used in several different meanings, whereas in Russian Language, it can be expressed by a different prepositions […]

The use of preposition “-По”in Russian Language

On our previous lesson, we have learned about preposition –ко. Now, let’s take a look at another Russian preposition which is easily can be found and one of common prepositions that being used in sentences. Let us introduce you to the preposition –по. Literally, preposition –по has meanings as  after, on and upon. We usually […]

Prepositional Case of Russian Nouns – Easy for Beginners

In this opportunity we will continue our progress of learning Russian language by knowing prepositional case of Russian nouns. As we know that Russian language has six grammatical cases which one of them is prepositional case or usually called case 6, this case is one of the easiest case in Russian grammar. If you want […]