5 Must-Know Facts of Muslim in Russian Military

Everyone has the right to choose their religion or belief. This right should not be opposed or pervaded by anyone, including the profession itself. The right to choose a religion is a human right that has been put into the provisions of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR). UNCHR is a UN-affiliated body […]

4 Muslim’s struggle to celebrate Ramadan in Moscow

Islam in Russia is the second largest religion in Russia. Russia is the largest country that has adherents of Islam in countries in Europe. Until now the Muslim community in Russia reaches 25 million people. Growth and the rise of Muslims in Russia where the number of Muslims in Russia increased mainly due to two […]

All You Need to Know About Museum of Cats in Russia

Russia has a variety of museum spread evenly in various cities in Russia. The museum features a variety of artwork from renowned artists in Russia. Museums in Russia show a growing and growing culture in Russia. One of the famous museums in Russia that is often visited by local and foreign tourists is a cat museum […]

7 Muslim Traditions on Ramadan in Russia

Muslims in Russia are the second largest religion in Russia after the orthodox catholic. Muslim community in Russia has a variety of activities that can create tolerance between religious communities. Muslims in this white bear country have reached about 25 million Muslims. Every major Islamic religious day in Russia is festively celebrated with various local traditions. In […]

8 Most popular parks you have to visit when you’re in Russia

Each country must have a garden as green open space to produce oxygen levels in the air. In addition as a provider of fresh air is also used as a tourist attraction. In russia there are also parks in various cities in Russia. The design of the park in several cities in Russia has a […]

6 Celebration of Ramadan in St.Petersburg, Russia

Islam in Russia has begun to develop into the second largest religion after orthodox Christianity in Russia. One of the cities in Russia that has the most Islam religion is st. petersburg. In this city there is a famous mosque called Saint Petersburg Mosque. Fasting time in this city has the longest time around 22 hours, […]

10 Most popular museums to visit in Russia

This year Russia, a country well known to the world. This is because Russia is the place of the 2018 World Cup event. Russia is the largest part of the soviet union. The country has various tribes and cultures. The cultural heritage of their ancestors was plastered in every museum in Russia. Various relics are shown […]

6 Facts of Muslim Men in Russia (Every ladies must know!)

The development of Islam in Europe has become a growing mushroom, especially in Russia. Islam in Russia is the second religion after orthodox Christianity. Historically speaking, Russian Muslims have coexisted peacefully and securely with non-Muslims, one of them Orthodox. “Islam in Russia can not be separated by the spiritual life of Russians”, the statement was […]

7 Famous places to visit during winter in Russia

Russia has four seasons, where the most unpopular season is winter. In this winter many Russian people are lazy to activity. This condition is because the air temperature can reach minus 40 °C.  This extreme state of temperature requires the body to always be active in order to warm the body. The majority of Russians overcome […]

5 Celebration of Ramadan in Moscow, Russia

Each country must have its own way in welcoming the coming of the holy month for Muslims. Russia is the largest Muslim country in continental Europe. Islam in Russia is the second largest religion after orthodox Christianity. The number of Russian citizens who have embraced Islamic religion in Russia is about 21 – 28 million […]