4 Self-Study Principles To Manage Your Attention To Learn Russian Language

self principle to learn russianLearning languages ​​is a must in this day. The increasingly rapid flow of globalization, technological development, and also education are a number of influencing factors. If you only master your native language, in this age there will be no big influence. You should start trying to learn a foreign language that you are interested in. You may want to learn it because you are interested in the country, interested in the language, or interested in the community.

However, language is not something that is easy, but also not too difficult. Various ways are done by people who want to master a foreign language. Some take language courses, study with friends or certain communities, or self-study. These methods have advantages and disadvantages of each. You only need to adjust it to your abilities. Especially your financial capabilities. Many of them complain about the high cost of language courses. However, this cannot be a reason to stop learning languages. There are still two other ways that you can try and do not require expensive fees.

Two other ways are by learning together with friends or following the language learning community and self-study. For those of you who are more comfortable with self-study, self-study is perfect for you. Because you can better manage your own time and determine your own strategy. Lots of foreign languages ​​are popular now besides English. Like Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, French, German, Arabic, and Russian. For those of you who want to learn Russian with a self-study technique, we will provide a complete discussion for you. Not only like you who want to learn Russian, you can also do this when learning other languages.

Russian is indeed very popular lately. Because many people are interested in the beauty of Russia and also the uniqueness of the language. When you learn a language, you cannot do it without starategy and principles. That certainly won’t last long. Therefore, here are 4 self-study principles to manage your attention to learn Russian language.

1. Strengthen Your Determination

Determination is something that is very important and most basic when you want to learn a foreign language. You must have strong determination. So that you will be serious and earnest until you succeed in mastering the foreign language, especially Russian. Without a strong determination, you will never take it seriously, you certainly don’t have a clear strategy and schedule. Of course this will not make you successful. So, strengthening determination is the most important thing you have to do.

There are several ways you can do, so that your determination is stronger from day to day, namely:

  • Find Your Goals. You must know the purpose you want to master Russian. Maybe you want to master it because you are very interested in the country and want to go there someday, are interested in the uniqueness of the language, or maybe you want to work there, and continue studying there. When you know your destination, of course this greatly influences your seriousness and strengthens your determination day by day. 
  • Target Your Time To Master Russian. For example, you are targeting to be able to master Russian in two and a half years. However, don’t target too short a time, it will only add to your mind’s burden and force yourself. You can target time according to your ability or busy day-to-day. When you have targeted time, you will be more serious. And when you succeed in achieving it, you will be very satisfied with the results.
  • Think Of Language Learning As A Hobby Or Entertainment. This third way will make your mind relax and strengthen your determination. When you respond to learning a language a burden, you will definitely procrastinate to do it and will slowly stop learning it. However, when you consider it a hobby or entertainment, of course you will want to continue doing it from time to time. Learning languages ​​is a very exciting thing. You can try practicing it through social media, chatting with native Russians. That is a very fun thing. You have to try it. So, do not consider language learning as a burden.

Those are three ways you can try to have a strong determination to learn Russian.

2. Do Preparation

The next thing you can do is prepare. You can prepare all your needs in learning languages. Like preparing a dictionary, a special notebook, native speaker videos, and also applications that can help you. To learn Russian, you can use the FluentU application. This application is very easy to use and provides videos and quizzes that help you know the progress of your abilities.

Dictionaries are also very important for you to provide. You must know the meaning of the word you are learning. Then, a special notebook. You must prepare a notebook specifically for the language you are studying. Don’t mix with other notes. When you find new words or new knowledge, you can immediately record them in your notebook. And don’t forget to make it as attractive as possible, so you don’t get bored reading it.

Other preparations are native speaker videos. This also helps you so that you are not only able to write correctly, but also are able to say words in Russian correctly. all the preparations you have to do before you start developing your learning strategy. Because you study with a self-study technique, so you have to really prepare all the preparations correctly.

3. The Right Learning Process

When you learn Russian, you must have the right strategy. and all foreign languages ​​must be learned by the process of knowing many vocabularies, mastering grammar, and practice. You can’t immediately learn grammar without knowing a lot of vocabulary. So, the first thing you have to do is know a lot of vocabulary, memorize and understand the meaning, then repeat it every day. You can also practice your vocabulary skills by making simple sentences from the vocabulary.

The second process is mastering grammar. Every language has grammar. Can not be mentioned carelessly. You must know the Russian grammar with the help of the media that you have prepared. Like books, the internet, and also social media.

After you master the vocabulary and grammar, the last process is to practice it. Practice the language you have learned using social media. Try interacting with native speakers. They will be very happy to help you. Tell them that you are very interested in Russia, they will sympathize with you. And don’t forget, to go through each process with patience and perseverance.

4. Maintenance

Don’t be quickly satisfied when you have mastered Russian. You must often hear someone who forgets a foreign language even though he used to master it very much. That happened because there was no maintenance. Once you have succeeded in carrying it out, you must often interact with native speakers so that your abilities are more honed and more nurtured.

The four principles above you must do with full patience, perseverance, and seriousness. Don’t give up easily, you can do it! The four ways above definitely help you master Russian by using a self-study technique if you do it right.

Those are 4 self-study principles to manage your attention to learn Russian language. You can do the four principles above to achieve your desire to master Russian. Hopefully this article helps you. Good luck!

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