5 Easy ways to learn Russian by listening

When you learn Russian language, learning basic knowledge is not enough and still requires listening skill in order to engage in conversation. You need to know alphabet, some common words or sentences in Russian before you learn  Russian by listening. We highly recommend you to visit Learn Russian for Beginners Easily.

The function of learning Russian by listening is for what we have learned in writing can also be known verbally. If you have learned Russian words or phrases then you should proceed your learning process by listening to songs, movies, or start a simple conversation in Russian. All of them will be good combination worth to try.

This article will tell you how to learn Russian by listening. Maybe for those of you who have been listening and guessing Russian language from music, movies or something related to vocabularies in Russian already know and understand the words of what has been spoken of it.

5 Easy way to learn Russian by listening

Learning Russian can be mastered in a short time and certainly requires a step. If you are looking for the steps in learning Russian by listening then you should read this article.

1. Russian language lesson video

In accordance with our topic about how to learn Russian language by listening, you can access some Russian lessons from youtube or download the video. Not just listening, you can also watch the video so you will easily digest what has been shown in it. Clearly, the video maker will explain how a word sounds even clarify by slowing it’s tone.
Following this method you will probably learn by listening as well as practicing of how a word or phrase is spoken.
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2. Download audio or recording about learning Russian

Learning Russian by listening certainly requires many source and the source must be a voice that speaks in Russian.
Generally on audio provided the lesson that will display recorded conversations along with Russian text translated into English. After getting the audio either play it directly on the website or download it, all you need is to listen to the audio. Many audio options that can be selected based on your level in mastering Russian language, choose the audio that suitable with your ability at the moment. If you’re still a beginner, just search for the basic just like common words or greetings in Russian, do this way regularly so your abilities will also increase and slowly advance.

3. Watch Russian movies

Do you like to watch movies? If you’re in the middle of learning Russian then we highly recommend to watch Russian moveis. At the beginning, you can watch Russian movie with subtitle then you will hear all word said on the movie and try to syncing words with subtitles in the movie. After that, try to watch the movie without written subtitles or translation on your TV.  That way, you will gradually digest the words and their meanings. Conversations you hear from movies will train your ears in listening and recognize Russian even deeper.

4. Listen to Russian songs

Many people likes music and maybe music became part of their life. For Russian language learners, this way will be the most popular method to try. Usually when we play the song, we will get used to the words spoken in the song.
Your listening skills will be trained as you listen to the songs in Russian and even better with the text. Try this way as often as possible.

5. Listen to Russian news

There are many sources where you can learn Russian language by listening, one of them is watching Russian news.
Watching russian news is not the same as watching Russian movies because you might find it more difficult. The context presented by newscasters are mostly very formal and somewhat difficult to understand quickly. By watching news in Russian, you begin to feel like a native russian and slowly makes you comfortable to learn more about Russia.

6. Start a conversation with Russian people

Interact directly with Russians is an opportunity to practice what you have learned. This will called the Best Way to Start speaking in Russian if we interact with native Russians.

So what do you think about the steps of learning Russian by listening that we provide you above? Doing beneficial activities like listening to audio and russian songs will speed up your learning process. The key is you must remind yourself to stay focus, patient and never give up in learning foreign language. Read also learn by yourself or with your partner.

Hopefully this article useful for you and remember to keep practicing!

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