How to Learn Russian by Yourself Effectively and Efficiently

Learning foreign language may seem difficult, but that’s not a difficult thing if we are into it. Everyone may have their own desire, including their desire to learn foreign languages such as learning Russian.

If you ever thinking of learning Russian is difficult and requires us to go to Russia to study it, that’s not true. In fact we can learn how to speak Russian by ourselves because there are many ways to help you learn Russian.

How to Learn Russian by Yourself

Nothing instant in learning a foreign language such as Russian. If it’s just a wish without do something then it will be useless. There are so many ways that we can learn Russian, sooner or later, depending on ourselves and how hard we learn it. This article provide you simple ways to learn Russian by yourself and remember to keep practicing.

1. Start Learning from the Basics

It is not as easy as you think to learn Russian, still you have to do the first step. You can try to start learning Russian language from basic things such as cyrillic letters, Numbers in Russian and simple vocabulary. These things are the basic need to do in learning Russian before you do the next step. You can find out about what is the basic for learning Russian  either on the internet or books.

2. Read Russian dictionary

We can get Russian dictionary in nearest library or bookstore, if we intend to learn Russian language then you must have it’s dictionary. Benefits of using dictionary itself are very much like practicing your vocabulary and even your grammar. Your memory will be greatly tested because if you control most of the words inside dictionary then you may be an expert in Russian. You can occasionally read dictionaries in your free time to improve your language skills.

3. Online Courses

If you explore some keywords about learning Russian language then there will be many websites about online courses.  Many websites that provide online Russian language course for free or paid, you can make your choice.
You can learn from basic things such as memorizing the letters, basic vocabulary to the language in use day-to-day.
If Russian dictionary can help you knowing the words then online courses also help organize your vocabulary and grammar.

4. Watch and listen to anything in Russian language

This step will improve your listening ability and train your pronunciation. Lots of movies and music with russian language and even video guides on how to speak russian language you can find on the internet. If you have studied Russian words or sentences then learn how to listen to Russian dialects by watching a movie or video guide

5. Smartphone Applications

In the era of technology, using devices become necessity for our daily life, such a smartphone, laptop, etc. These devices provided applications that can help you for communication purpose, getting information and even learning foreign language.  There are several applications that can help you learning languages such as Duolingo, Memrise, busuu and many more.

The best thing about application of learning language is it provides you tests or quizes with different levels to find out your knowledge in Russian.  You can learn alphabet, number, words, grammar even pronounciations. This is the best way to learn Russian online for free, which of those apps would you try first?

6. Language Exchange

Did you know, there is a foreign language exchange between countries in websites and apps on your device? Maybe this is the most interesting way for you to try after doing 5 points written above before. Once you have enough basics in your Russian language then test your skills by talking directly with native Russians.

But you don’t need to be nervous if your Russian language is not enough because in language exchange it allows you to learn the language. You can also teach our languages ​​to foreigners who are interested in studying the same way that is referred to as language exchange. Find this language exchange on the internet by writing keyword exchange language and good luck!

Those are some ways that you may be able to use in learning Russian, nothing is difficult as long as we want to try.
You can try tips above on your way to be fluent in Russian and you are free to determine what you think is effective.

Advantages of learning Russian

Do you know what are the advantages of learning Russian as an Indonesian?

Learning languages especially Russian is a necessary thing, why? because you will get many great benefits by learning Russian. Congrats for those who wants to start learning Russian, not only increase your knowledge but you’re also one step closer to get additional skills that will increase your career!

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Those are ways to learn Russian by yourself that you can practice at home or anywhere in your free time. Repeat to read those simple ways above, so you can keep it in mind of which step are easier for you to take to learn Russian, never give up and keep learning!

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