10 Advantages of learning Russian as Indonesian


Why we should learn Russian and what the advantage of learning the Russian language? many important things that we can use if we learn Russian language.

If you can speak the Russian language, you don’t have to worry if you’re visiting Russia or former Soviet country. Studying one of the hardest language in the world doesn’t mean we can’t learn it at all, we can still learn the language. Most of those who use this language are people who live in the Soviet Union countries.

Regarding it, surely we have a reason why we should learn the Russian language without any reason and benefits isn’t it?

Advantages of learning Russian

In the list below you will see how useful to learn the Russian language.

So, there are so many things that we can learn about the Russian language and certainly very useful and here are some of the benefits of the Russian language:

  1. Language that has many followers in the world

    Although not as many English users, Russian language also widely used in the countries of Europe to Asia.
    Advantages for Indonesian people is when we visit Russia or former of Soviet Union this Russian can be understood. You don’t have to worry if you ask on the street and no one understands the language you say cause you can speak the Russian language

  2. Got a Russian scholarship

    The relationship between the two countries is good, one example of relations between Indonesia and Russia can you see from education. Scholarships are given for Indonesian students and allow them to continue their studies in Russia. Who doesn’t want to study in Russia? maybe all the youths in Indonesia want it to come to be true. But can you learn in Russia without knowing the Russian language at all? Read also facts of education in Russia

  3. Russian friends

    This is quite interesting, if we want to get know with people from Russian we should be able to prepare ourselves! Knowing their language and it will make them happy and accept us. Many ways to get Russian friends, for example, we can get to know with them on social media. Just try, after you are close enough to them, then it is possible you can meet each other. High posture, a sharp nose and typical face of the Slavs will make you want to have them.

  4. A great pride for ourselves

    Can you imagine mastering 33 alphabets that are hard to remember, the pronunciation and memorize every sentence and word? Of course, it will be a pride of its own and we will not be difficult to talk with them.

  5. Easy to get a job in Russia

    As we know that many countries use Russian language and of course, many career opportunities are needed in these countries. In Russia itself, there is enough demand for foreigners who can speak Russian in the fields of teaching, construction, machinery, information technology, transportation and even academic purpose. Although recruitment is usually filled by local candidates or insiders.

  6. Not just language, you can also understand Russian culture

    As citizens of the world we need to learn new things like foreign languages and also their culture, such as the advantage of learning Russian as an Indonesian that we not only learn Russian and understand it. If you learn Russian language then automatically you’ll be interested to know whats inside the country and we can also find interesting things about Russia until we wanna learn the language. Once we know the language and Russian culture maybe without realizing we have discovered new things and knowledge.

  7. Learning Russian will make you smarter

    Why learning Russian make you smarter? because Russian language has its own level of difficulty, doesn’t mean that we cannot learn it, we can learn this language and it’s gonna be very useful to you. Then, if you learn Russian language you will indirectly have honed the way the brain works, concentrate and improve your memory. If you’re someone who studying Russian language then improve it and keep it up.

  8. Open a Russian language course

    If you’re good in speaking Russian, then people who want to speak Russian will come to you. There are Indonesians who open Russian language courses, you can find many Russian language courses near you or you can try online methods. There is no mistakes if you open learning Russian course, you can share knowledge to those who want to learn and as a plus, you earn income for yourself.

  9. Becoming a tour guide for Russian people who want to visit Indonesia

    This will be something good for yourself even for the country. As we know that Indonesia always visited by foreign tourists, what if the tourists are Russians and looking for tour guides because of limitations of their language and places in Indonesia. This is a great opportunity for you, you can propose yourself as a tour guide.

  10. Became the Ambassador of Indonesia in Russia

    Everyone has different future goals in their life so you are. What happens if you have knowledge of politics and mastering Russian language? of course, we have opportunity to make ourselves as ambassadors in Russia.

That’s 10 Advantages of learning Russian as Indonesian and what do you think? maybe after reading the article above you will gain more spirit to learn Russian language as well. Very useful isn’t it? as Indonesian, we need to learn the foreign language and Russian language could be one of the best choice to try.

Keep in mind that learning Russian language is one way closer to develop yourself and bring you to the next level of your life. Everything mentioned above means that you can achieve it and do if you are serious about it, just prepare yourself to look into the future!

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