Typical Diet Of Russian Woman Do That You Can Copy

Russian food tends to use more vegetables. But with the appropriate spice mixture, the taste of the vegetable will feel unique and certainly delicious. It’s time to forget junk food and switch to food and habits that can help you live a healthy life. If you are or want to diet, try a Russian woman’s diet. Russian women go on a diet by changing their daily foods. Besides making weight loss, this diet can also nourish the body and not torture. So you can do it even during your life. Here is typical diet of Russian woman do that you can copy :

1. Start the day with oatmeal

Cereal porridge is a good example of complex carbohydrates that release energy slowly to help us get through a long day. In addition, wheat is rich in fiber, minerals, and of course vitamins that are good for the body. Oats are whole wheat, which includes complex carbohydrates so that it takes longer to digest by the body. This can help you eat less by slowing down the digestion so that it has a longer satiety effect. You will get a total of 28 grams of carbohydrates from a bowl of plain oatmeal.

Whole grains are also usually lower in calories than other processed grains, such as instant oatmeal. So that helps you reduce the amount of calorie intake per day. A bowl of 250 grams of plain oatmeal cooked with water only contains approximately 160 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. This low calorie value is obtained from the high fiber content of the wheat itself. A bowl of oatmeal you eat will provide 4 grams of dietary fiber from the total daily body requirement of 25 grams.

2. Soup for lunch

Soup is effective at losing weight. Its makes us able to meet the nutritional intake needed in a day. In addition, the amount of vegetables and protein that is used as a filling material also makes it full longer. To be sure, it is more full than if we only drink fruit juice. Eating soup is also good for avoiding fatty foods such as meat and dairy products.

As a marinade, we only need to add salt and garlic. Well, you might also know, garlic contains antioxidants. So, not only is effective soup to lose weight, but the combination of all ingredients is also good for increasing body resistance.

This soup-loving country like Russia always serves soup in various conditions and weather. In cooking Russian cuisine, soup is used as a basic thing that must be learned before cooking other dishes. Russian specialties are mostly low in calories and have a strong taste so your diet doesn’t make you tortured. Soup even include as one of Popular Foods in Russia during Winter also popular foods during summer in Russia

3. More use of herbs

Herbs are often found royally in traditional Russian cuisine. Herbs contain lots of vitamins and minerals that are sufficient to maintain the body’s metabolism. In Russia there is a Kvass, is one of the popular drinks in Moscow which have many healthy benefits.

One herb that can lose weight is pepper mint. This delicious herbal concoction is believed to be able to increase the delicacy of food and eliminate bad fat in the stomach. The fragrant aroma makes anyone who tries to burn fat using this herb can enjoy the process well. Peppermint is capable of removing waste and toxins in the body, and also aids digestion by reducing bloating. You can enjoy peppermint tea in the morning, to get freshness and also enjoy other benefits.

4. Fermented milk

Research says someone who consumes yogurt more than three times a week has a 22% chance of losing weight. In addition, yogurt eliminates 61% more body fat than other people whose special diets reduce the number of calories. Not only that, other research also states that putting yogurt into the daily menu can reduce weight by 33 percent more. Yogurt reduces body fat 60 percent more than just controlling the diet. Kefir is the famous Yogurt in Russia. Its also include popular drink in St. Petersburg during ramadan.

Kefir or fermented milk is a drink made from certain grains, bacteria and yeast. This drink is suitable for you who want to do detoxification, because this drink is useful for cleaning the digestive tract. Besides kefir can eliminate hangovers, prevent the development of pathogenic flora in the intestine, and contain lots of vitamins A, D, K and E.

5. Plant your own vegetables

Many Russians have a village house or dachas to grow their own vegetables and fruit. If you don’t have dachas, take advantage of your front or back yard with simple plants like onions, lettuce or chili and tomatoes. Planting vegetables yourself can reduce the use of pesticides and other chemical drugs. Vegetables produced from large farmers usually use many chemical drugs. These chemical drugs can reduce the benefits of fiber-rich vegetables.

6. Boil and bake more

You will not find many fried dishes in the Russian kitchen. Because Russians prefer to boil or bake their food in the oven instead of frying it. We already know a lot about how bad cooking oil is in food. Consuming too much fried food can cause cholesterol which can make you die young, so be more selective in eating. There are many favourite foods recipe in Russia that made by boil and bake.

7. Eat less

Alexander Suvorov’s typical phrase, which reads “Breakfast alone, dinner with friends” has deep meaning for Russian society. Not that we have to invite friends at dinner, but eating less money as if you have to share it with others. Imagining eating with your crush can be a good move, because your nature can arise by itself.

Thats all typical diet of Russian woman do that you can copy. No wonder why Russian models are always under the spotlight, their slender, healthy bodies are a reflection of their daily habits as Russians.

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