8 How to Not Get Sick While Travelling Alone to Russia

not getting sick while travellingWhen holiday season comes, the beautiful sound of rolling wheel in the airport echoes, oh, just how excited can we be. The most awaited times of the year, which is the time when we can travel and spend our time during holiday just having fun. Getting down on the streets, experiencing culinary and cultural journey on places we’ve never been.

Talking about travelling, what first comes to your mind? Preparing the luggage? Packing up your things, perhaps? Or listing the famous places to visit during winter in Russia for you to visit? Well, there’s something else that most people forget to think of properly. How to not get sick while travelling? No matter how prepared you’re for your trip, everything will be ruined when you get sick and end up can’t do anything you’ve been wanted to.

Moreover, if you’re travelling alone. Who would take care of you if you’re sick? Well, it has to be yourself, which means it wouldn’t be easy and rather troublesome for you. This is why, if you ever get a chance to go to Russia, you should never forget to think about this for the holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

How to Not Get Sick While Travelling Alone to Russia

What do you do to avoid getting sick? Vaccines? Medicines? There are actually a lot of ways that you might haven’t realize that can help you a lot in maintaining a good health condition. Simple things, daily habits are some of the things that you got to take care of in order to stay as energized as possible during your stays in Russia, or basically any other country. What are those things that you need to do to stay healthy and energized?

1. Stay hydrated

Some people avoid drinking too much water during their holiday to avoid going to the toilets over and over again. In fact, that’s not enough of a reason for you to skip drinking sufficient water throughout the day. Staying hydrated during your stays in Russia is very important to keep yourself fresh and healthy. However, you need to keep in mind that, drinking water that has been filtrated is important when you’re abroad. Of course you wouldn’t want to stay hydrated yet get sick due to the poor water quality, right?

2. Keep your hands clean

Washing your hands whenever needed isn’t a hard thing to do, is it? Try your best to maintain your hands clean and sanitized by washing your hands with running water and soap. You don’t need to overdo this, though, since it might irritate your skin instead of keeping you clean and healthy. This is very important because dirty hands could contaminate anything you touch and, worse, you eat. Thinking of what are the female travel packing for summer holiday in Russia is important, but making sure to bring hand sanitizer is also important. Taking a hand sanitizer with you can also be a good idea to clean your hands when there aren’t any sink nearby.

3. Control alcohol intake

If you’re planning to visit a lot of places in Russia and getting so adventurous during your travels, then you really should avoid playing around with alcohol at night. It might lures you hardly, those bottles of wine and beer. However, consuming too much of alcohol can ruin your holiday in a night. If it’s so hard to turn down the temptation, you might have a sip, but that should be enough. You wouldn’t want to find yourself dizzy and all drunk in the morning, right?

4. Don’t stay up all night

Even if you really want to spend your time travelling around Russia, you still need to rest. Making sure you get time to sleep and rest during your travels is the best answer to how to not get sick while travelling. Okay, you might sleep later than the way you do at home, but make sure it doesn’t go under 6 hours a day. You need energy and strength to wake up the next day and being active, right?

5. Boost your immunity

About one or two weeks before your stays, make sure you have prepared yourself for the journey. Boost your immunity so that you won’t be easily affected by germs and viruses. Watch what you eat before you’re going to travel. Consume more fruits and veggies that could give you enough vitamin and minerals. Don’t forget to exercise regularly before your trip so that you’re ready to be as active as possible during your journey.

6. Watch what you eat

When we’re abroad, the foods that we’re seeing and eating might be so different from how it was in our country. This is the main essence of travelling, though. Get to taste the life, culture, and of course, cuisine of a country. However, don’t overdo it on your first day of visit since that might surprise your digestive system. Take it slowly, play safe during your first day and enjoy your culinary experience while staying healthy. You can start from eating the healthiest staple foods of Russian cuisine before trying out Russian meat-based food that will make you eat with gusto.

7. Know more about Russia

Before you travel to a country, make sure you have the basic knowledge about the country you’re visiting. Find out about their weather and climate so that you can prepare yourself. If the season in that country is winter, you should prepare yourself for the cold weather so that you won’t get any hypothermia. Beside, knowing what to wear during summertime in Russia is also important.

8. Meet a travel health professional

Get the best advice from the professionals. They’re those person who can tell you clearly what should you prepare, what should you do and don’ts. They will also tell you if you should get vaccinated to avoid diseases.

Travelling is a fun thing to do, for sure. However, if wouldn’t be as fun as you wish it would be if you don’t even know how to not get sick while travelling. Maintaining your stamina and energy is very important for you to enjoy your travels in Russia, or wherever you’re. Even if it sometimes feel complicated and bothering, you should never skip this step. Keep yourself health and energized, then make the best of your holiday times.

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