9 Romantic Ways of Giving Gift to Your Russian Girlfriend Effectively

Giving gifts might be a difficult task. It’s fun to look for gifts to give to someone, especially someone special like girlfriend, while imagining her happy face opening that gift. But somehow, looking for it is quite troublesome. You worried that it’s just not suitable, the person who accept it will feel offended, disappointed, or just basically don’t find your gift useful and amusing. This kind of thoughts can actually get out of your mind if you know what you’re doing when you’re looking for the gift.

Looking for a gift to give to a Russian woman you lay your eyes on lately? Wondering what are the romantic ways of giving gifts to your Russian girlfriend? Worry no more, for the life-saving hack is here on the line, waiting to help you looking for the perfect gift for the most special one.

Ways to Give Gifts to Her

Actually, talking about gift is all up to who give it to who will receive it. But, sometimes, it’s quite hard to find the right thing, especially if we’re not yet that close to the person. Well, of ot’s your sister or mother, then it might be easy for you. But what if it’s for your girlfriend? And you’re his new boyfriend?  We don’t know their taste, we’re kinda looking for something with no clues at all. We only know about the budget, but the rest of it seems blurry. The thing is, knowing how to give gifts is quite the things you must know about dating rules in Russia. So, here are few recommendation of gifts that you can give to your Russian girlfriend with just the right stuffs wrapped in:

  1. Flower

Flower almost always works. Come on, look at all those photo all around the Internet showing a proposal or confessing scene with huge bouquet of roses. Even though we can’t actually do anything with that flower other than putting it on a vase or just to decorate the corner of your room, it’s still fluttering to accept flowers from the man we love. Russian woman will appreciate this gift and it’s quite a save choice since it’s not too privacy.

If you’re bored with that old-fashioned flower bouquet, then you can be more creative by making it with folded origami, change the color combination, and choose specific flower that she likes. Fresh and alive flowers can be a romantic choice, but plastic flower can last long and won’t be withered. Well, the choice’s yours, you can do anything with the flower you’re giving as long as it stays pretty and suitable with the flower gifting etiquette in Russia. You wouldn’t want to piss her off, would you?

  1. Dolls and stuffed animals

Giving these gifts might seem a bit childish for some of you, but Russian woman will appreciate it, since it allows her to be a bit nostalgic over her childhood. It can possibly be the most likeable things for Russian people. Also, almost every woman loves cute stuffs. Just imagine they’re holding and hugging those fluffy things while thinking of you. It’s something that she will probably put in her bedroom, so she’ll see it often and that means thinking of you more often as well. Many people also feel good and better after such a rough day by cuddling with fluffy toys.

  1. Chocolate

Oh, who doesn’t love chocolate? This bitter-sweet chocolate that can melt right away in your tongue is definitely the perfect moodbooster. Nowadays, chocolate factories and chocolate shop also become more creative with what they’re selling, aren’t they? Chocolate comes with different shape, taste, toppings, and packaging. You can also write sweet message for her and make it as creative as you can. They’ll surely love to accept this gift even if it’s not valentine day.

  1. Perfume

Russian woman does wear perfume, and she’ll love to get one from her crush or someone’s important to her, for sure. Although it’s quite hard to choose the right perfume, since it’s supposed to be her personal taste, it’s still a good idea. Perhaps you could try to ask her in an unobvious way about what perfume she likes. Use your nose wisely, then you might also get a clue on what kind of perfume is her style. If you’re still confused, you can always ask for recommendation from your mother, sister, or perhaps based on your own taste that you think suit her well. Giving her perfume can also remind her of you every day when she’s spraying that on her body. Come on man, wouldn’t it be fancy to give gifts that remind her of you?

  1. Jewelry

Woman loves jewelry, that’s something that applied well in almost every part of the planet earth, right? However, if your relationship is still young, then you shouldn’t buy gift that’s too expensive so that you won’t make her hesitate and wondering by herself. Pick a nice, simple jewelry that you think suit her well and wrap it in a nice bag or box. It doesn’t have to be gold or even diamond, of course. As long as you pour your heart and mind in picking the jewelry, then she’ll appreciate it. It’s a smart, romantic ways of giving gifts to Russian girlfriend that you should try.

  1. Bag, purse

Russian woman loves shopping, and she’s also that one woman who’s lured a lot by the signs ‘sale’. She’d love to get a bag or purse from the man she loves, and she’ll definitely use that often too. Before choosing a bag, you should get to know her and her style better so that you won’t buy something that she hate, at least. Again, price doesn’t really matter a lot here, so use your heart and pick what you feel like picking. However, picking the right gift can also be the most effective ways to get Russian girlfriend in a month.

  1. Photo frame

Photo frame can be a good gift that will be filled by both of your photographs. She can put the photo frame that you gave her in her room with your couple selfie photo in it and stare at it all day long. Well, again, the creativity of company and handcrafter help you again ,man. Nowadays, it’s easy to find different types of frame that’s beautifully made. It’s no longer that square, old-fashioned, white woods frame that can be bought.

  1. Handmade gift

Who says guy can’t make something with their hand? In fact, although most of the time, this isn’t what a guy would like to do, but Russian woman will appreciate your effort. You can make simple scrapbook by simply putting pictures together, if you’re not really into decorating. Anything simple that you can make and afford, it will be a great present for her.

  1. Voucher

If handcrafting is just not your thing, then just pick a paper and cut it into pieces. Write something on that coupons and make sure those are things that she love. You can write something like,’ a day of shopping with me’, she’s into shopping, so she’ll love that. If you want to make it more relaxing, you can give her an 1 hour coupons of free massage from him. Anything fun and romantic can be written there and she’ll be surprised by your creativity and efforts. It’s definitely the romantic ways of giving gifts to your Russian girlfriend.

Picking gifts isn’t easy. But, as long as you pour your heart into it, sometimes you wouldn’t even need to mind what are most popular gifts for woman in Russia. Your Russian girlfriend will happily accept it and even cherish it.

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