5 Most popular gifts for woman in Russia

Every celebration definitely requires a gift for people who celebrate it. Especially if the celebrate a woman, because women are very happy creatures if anyone noticed. In Russia there is a historic day for women, that is, women’s day in russia. This woman’s day is celebrated every 8th of March. This celebration is very important for all Russian people not just women. This women’s day celebration was first established as a national holiday by the leader of the soviet union Leonid Brezhnev in 1966. In this celebration, the men will give gifts to their friends or female partners. This article will discuss about 5 Most popular gifts for women in Russia. You must read more international womans day in Russia.

5 Most popular gifts for woman in RussiaThis woman’s day is celebrated to commemorate American socialists who fought for better women’s conditions in 1909. At that time, Russian women demanded equal rights.

4 years later around 1913, the first leader of the soviet uni called vladimir lenin set the day as a national holiday by encouraging women to work side by side with men. The celebration of national women’s day of russia is celebrated with a large enough – scale.

Many people say each other and give gifts to friends or female partners. Here are 5 most popular gifts for women in Russia such as:

1. Flowers

Flowers are a symbol of compassion. In addition to symbolizing love and beauty, flowers that have different colors are also able to give meaning and purpose for the sender. For example, red roses mean the beauty of women and the burning love, while the white lilies give the intent of softness and simplicity. Therefore, the celebration of national women’s day Russia remains the most popular gift is the flower. According to the research center in russia, as many as 54% of russian men give flowers for women they love to celebrate the national women’s day of Russia. In addition, this study also concluded that 45% of women who received the interest were happy.

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Why are women so happy when they get a gift of flowers ?. According to most adult women in Russia, the gift of flowers gives its own meaning.

  1. Flowers symbolize beauty
  2. Flowers symbolize love
  3. Flowers symbolize the personality of the recipient
  4. Flowers symbolize memories
  5. Flowers symbolize loyalty

2. Cosmetics and perfumes

Every woman would want to look beautiful every time. Therefore, makeup support tools such as cosmetics and perfumes may not miss or intentionally not used. For most women, beautiful is an important thing that must be in every woman including women in Russia. According to research, in celebration of women’s day in russia there is a statistical count of 19% russian men give cosmetic and perfume presents to their spouses or female friends. Most of the men reasoned to give cosmetics and perfume to their spouses to keep their spouse looking beautiful while walking together.

3. Chocolate

Who does not like chocolate ?, it tastes delicious and able to change mood to be happy. This chocolate food is very liked by many people, especially for women. In every celebration associated with women must not be separated with a gift of chocolate. This food is a favorite food of women. This condition also applies to Russian women. Especially when the celebration of national women’s day russia, the majority of adult men russia give a gift of chocolate to his partner. According to statistics there are 12% of russian men who give chocolate to their female friends.

It is undeniable women like to eat chocolate. However, there are several reasons why women love to eat chocolate. This is reasons:

  1. Low blood sugar levels, women must experience menstruation every month. This condition causes blood sugar levels to decrease. When consuming chocolate foods that have a high glycemic content will raise blood sugar levels.
  2. Body magnesium levels decreased, When women experience menstruation it will cause a hormonal change. In addition, this condition is also able to reduce levels of magnesium in the body. When consuming chocolate food it can restore normal levels of magnesium in the body. This is dikarenkan chocolate food contains 327 mg of magnesium in every 100 gr of chocolate food.

4. Jewelry

Every woman must not be separated with the appearance. In addition to beautify yourself with makeup, women also love about a variety of accessories including jewelry. This condition is also experienced by Russian women. Many Russian women who raise a variety of accessories including jewelry to beautify and beautify him. Russian woman is famous for fashionable, fashionable and also glomor, even to buy daily necessities in minimarket just have to dress layakanya want to appear on stage. Therefore, there are statistical data about gift giving to Russian women’s friend from russian man in the form of jewelry. Mentioned in the research data that there are 11% of russian men who give gifts to female friends in celebration of national women’s day in the form of jewelry.

5. Tickets to watch movies

Although not all Russian women like something that impressed the council, there are russian women who like simplicity. Did not rule out, men russia give a simple gift to his partner. According to the research center in russia there are 3% russian men give gifts of tickets to watch movies to female friends to celebrate the national women’s day russia. Although this is quite a simple gift, but this condition of simplicity will make memories.

That’s the 5 most popular gifts for woman in Russia. For those of you who have a Russian woman friend you should note the explanation above. Make this article your reference in giving gifts to your Russian women friend.  If you are interested in learning Russian language try reading Get Closer to Russian Language with MusicCommon Greetings in Russian, and How to Learn Russian Language for Beginners.

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