8 Gifts From Russia For Every Mother on Mother’s Day

Do you like gifts? Have you ever received a gift? How do you feel when you receive it? Happy isn’t it? Who is not happy when receiving a gift?

Then what about giving gifts? Have you ever done it? Of course it will be a joy when you see a happy face from someone you have given a gift. Especially if it’s your mother.

Giving your mother a gift to celebrate Mother’s Day will make her very happy. Then, if you are visiting Russia and want to bring something to your mother, what gifts from Russia that can you give to her on Mother’s Day?

Celebrating Mother’s Day can be done in various ways. One of the things that can be done is by giving gifts to the mother. There are many types of gifts that can be given to mothers to celebrate Mother’s Day.

If by chance you’re visiting or going to visit Russia before Mother’s Day arrives, you could bring a gift from Russia that you can give to your mother when celebrating Mother’s Day. In this article I will discuss about the kind of gift that you can give to your mother for Mother’s Day.


Russia is known for its natural wealth, Baltic Amber. There is even one village in Russia that is famous for its Amber deposits. Baltic amber is known to have magical elements. Baltic amber looks very beautiful after being polished.

If you have more costs, you can buy your mother a heart shaped amber jewelry. When it has been shaped into jewelry, Baltic amber looks very beautiful and elegant. Jewelry with baltic amber has been widely used by many women throughout the world. Your mother will definitely be very happy when she receives heart shaped amber jewelry as her Mother’s Day gift.


Matryoshka dolls are typical Russian dolls. It has the same shape but with a smaller size when opening the doll. So there are dolls in dolls with sizes from large enough to very small. The number of dolls in the matryoshka doll is very diverse.

Matryoshka dolls also have very beautiful images. If you are interested in buying this doll when visiting Russia for your mother as a Mother’s Day gift, that is a good idea. For the price of this doll you can adjust it to the budget you have.


The Lacquer art in Russian Lacquer Box is a painting that became an icon of the collapse of the Russian empire. The Lacquer painters made the painting to make a living. This Lacquer art painting is now being developed by painting the box. Generally a box with lacquer art is used as a box for storing jewelry. This Lacquer art painting is hand painted by the craftsmen. Scenes painted in Lacquer art are often folk tales in Russia.

When you meet the Russian Lacquer Box while visiting Russia, you can buy it for your mother as a gift for Mother’s Day celebrations. Your mother will be very happy when receiving this beautiful and distinctive Russian gift.


Giving everlasting flower gifts when celebrating Mother’s Day may be the most common gift given by people. Even so, this gift is still popular among some people. Giving everlasting flowers as a gift at Mother’s Day celebration is chosen because the flowers can be stored for a long time without having to worry that the flowers will wither later.

You can choose spring flowers that your mother will like it. Then ask the florist to arrange it in a basket or it can also be a bouquet of flowers.


If your mother likes to collect vases or likes to arrange the room in the house using beautiful vases, buying Russian vase is a very good idea. The vase has a distinctive decoration with the Russian state. These vases look very beautiful and unique. It is very suitable if used as a display in the corner of the house and become collectibles. By buying Russian vase it also fits into a gift on Mother’s Day.


Gift baskets can be another option to be a gift on Mother’s Day. You can provide a combination of chocolate, flowers and cosmetics in one basket. The contents in this gift basket can be adjusted according to what your mother likes. With a good arrangement, this gift basket is equally beautiful with a bouquet of flowers. Gift basket becomes an easy option because you do not need to be confused in giving gifts. Generally, gift baskets are sold in 1 package.


To celebrate Mother’s Day, you can also buy wine or champagne as a gift. Even though this gift is given to your mother as a gift, you can also enjoy the wine or champagne with the family. You can chat with your family or have a small party while enjoying a glass of wine or champagne that you have bought with your family.


Another option that you can use to become a Mother’s Day celebration gift is a Russian shawl. This Russian shawl is famous for its elegance. Russian shawls are also an old tradition in Russia. The designs and patterns in Russian shawls are inspired by modern Russian designs and also use local colors from Russia. There are types of Russian shawls which are considered very rare. This shawl is made from Orenburg yarn, one of the thinnest thread types in the world.

There are many more types of objects that you can find in Russia and you can choose as gifts for Mother’s Day celebrations other than those above.

Which one is your favorite?

I hope this article can make you know more about gift from Russia for Mother’s Day.

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