8 Gifts From Russia For Every Mother on Mother’s Day

Do you like gifts? Have you ever received a gift? How do you feel when you receive it? Happy isn’t it? Who is not happy when receiving a gift? Then what about giving gifts? Have you ever done it? Of course it will be a joy when you see a happy face from someone you […]

Some Facts of Russia’s International Mother’s Day

I think everyone knows about Mother’s Day, right? What comes to your mind when you hear about Mother’s Day? Have you expressed your love to your mother? Many people say that they really have to pay attention to their mothers at any time without looking at any celebration. Respect for every mother can be done […]

How Russian People Celebrate Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Let’s celebrate the day with love and affection for our mother! What do you usually do when Mother’s Day? Do you plan something to surprise your mother? Is there any kind of celebration to commemorate Mother’s Day in your country? Celebrating Mother’s Day moments should be used as well as possible to […]

What Russian kids give to their mom during International mother’s day

When the Mother’s Day celebration arrives, surely we want to give something to our mother, right? What kind of gift do you give to your mother? Can kids give gifts to their mothers on Mother’s Day? Of course they can! Then, what kind of gift can kids give to their mothers during Mother’s Day? What about […]