5 Richest Football Club in Russia

Russia has a big nation with a big opportunity to build the most challenging football premiere in Eastern Europe. Russia has well known for the oil and nuclear resource the have. It will make a big advantage for them to build good economy.

But for the football itself, they shall need sponsorship, advertisement, endorse, or maybe need a good financial backup from the owner. Russia have great football team and few of them were rich because of the massive financial backup. Now, we will show you 5 richest football club in Russia.

1. Lokomotiv Moscow (65,07 Million Poundsterling)

Count to 5, we have Lokomotiv Moscow. They are top number 5 in my list because of the value of the team. In transfermarkt, they have total value of 65,07 Million poundsterling. The most expensive player in Lokomotiv comes from Aleksey Miranchuk (12,6 million poundsterling) and Solomon Kvirkvelia (7,20 million poundsterling).

Since they have so many talented players, its not hard for them to lift the trophy. This club is one of the most successful in Russia, having won the Russian Premiere League in 2002, 2004, and 2018, the USSR Cup in 1936, 1957, and the 7 Russian Cups. Lokomotiv also the Russian Super cup holders back in 2003 and 2005.

The Lokomotiv Moscow was founded 94 years ago. It was founded in 23 July 1923 as Kazanka. It was owned by Soviet ministry of Transportation through the Russian Railways during the communist era.

Consistent performance and good history moment made this club were brought back their fans come again and fill the seats. To adding club performance, the club were adding new stadium – The Lokomotiv Stadium. By 2009, the stadium was the second highest average attendance in Russia.

2. CSKA Moscow (92,7 Million Poundsterling)

CSKA Moscow is number 3 of the 5 Richest Football Club in Russia. This is the home of both Russian and CSKA Moscow captain, Igor Akinfeev.  The CSKA have so many expensive players, including Alan Dzagoev (13,5 million pounds), Mario Fernandes (18 million pounds), and the most expensive player in Russia, Aleksandr Golovin (22,5 million pounds). At 2004, the club takes huge sponsorship by Chelsea’s owner, the billionaire Roman Abramovich by Sibneft oil corporation during 2004 to 2006. Now, the CSKA was no longer part of Russian military club.

The CSKA Moscow is a well known professional football club in Moscow. Founded 106 years ago in 1911, It is one of the oldest football club in Russian history. This team is one of most successful Russian club for lifted the UEFA Cup in 2005 after defeating Sporting CP. CSKA Moscow is well known for the nickname: Koni (the horses ), Krasno-Sinie (Red-blues as their identical jersey)  and the Armeisity (Militarians).

During their journey in Russian football league, CSKA Moscow won seven times Soviet Championship (1946, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1970, 1991), Five times Soviet Cup (1945, 1948, 1951, 1955, 1991) , and won the Russian Premiere League (2003 ,2005, 2006, 2012 – 2013 , 2013 – 2014, 2015 – 2016).

The nickname of CSKA Moscow is unique, Koni was named because their first stadium were built on the old racecourse. The CSKA Moscow is the club for the Russian national team captain, Igor Akinfeev. He is one of the best Russian goalkeeper ever produced now – below with Lev Yashin, the legendary “black spider” goalkeeper of Russia.

3. Spartak Moscow (96,4 million pounds)

Spartak is number 2 richest club in Russia according from players market value. They have 96,4 millon pound sterling marketing value and that’s more than enough to compete the top rank in Russian Premiere League. They have Fernando (13,5 million pounds) and Quincy Promes (21,6 million pound sterling)

This is the professional club from Moscow and one of the most successful club in Russia. They won 12 Soviet Championships and the record for having 10 Russian Championships. Not only the trophy, they also won 3 Russian Cups, 10 Soviet cups, and the Russian Super cup.

When soviet was booming with the football, the statesmen want to created their own teams. They have big pride when they saw their team wins against the other. And every all the teams had such their identical patrons: CSKA with the army, and Dinamo with the police, and the Spartak, create by the trade union who considered to be “society’s team”

In 1922, the name of the club was Krasnaya Presna, formed by Ivan Artemeyev and Nikolai Stratostin. The last name came into close contact with Alexander Kosarev, and want to extent the club. They made the strong, powerful team under the name of Spartak Moscow. This era was the day that this club will remember, because after this, the Spartak Moscow were build the golden ink as the one of the most successful club in Russia. Winning five Russian Chamionship 1992, 1993,1994, 1996, and 1997. In 2012 – 2013, the Spartak qualified for the 2012 – 2013 UEFA Champions League, this one is one of every Europe team were dreaming about. Till now they have steady performance and still playing in Russian top level league.

4. Zenit St.Petersburg (144,41 Million poundstering)

Then come to last pick, we have Zenit St.Petersburg. Who don’t know this club? Beautiful city, modern-gorgeous stadium and best financial support. The club was simply amazing and filled with the culture and the wonderful things in Saint Petersburg. Same like above, the Zenit plays in Russian top league, the Russian Premiere League.

Top richest player in Zenith are Emanuel Mammana and Sebastian Driusii 910,8 million poundsterling) and the number one is Leandro Paredes (18 million pounds terling) Quite sure enough this team almost balance if we talk about player market value.

It was a long journey when we talk about Zenit. In late 1987, several football club were founded in Saint Petersburg . No official membership for the players so one player even playing different teams. This team were formed by several club around the city and finally merged at the end of 1939.

In late 2005, the club has a new investor and took controlling the club. Gazprom bought the majority stocks of the club in investing over 100 millions for buying new stadium and the players. Dick Advocaat , the netherland coach landed to the club and make some adjusted strategies for winning the league. It was truly magnificent after Zenit won their Russian Premiere League in 2007 and was allowing them to compete in 2008 – 2009 UEFA Champions League.

In this club, several players become the star for the world. One of the richest player Zenit ever produced as Andrey Arshavin. Later after 2008, Andrey Arshavin moved to top English club, the Arsenal FC.

5. FC Anzhi Makhachkla – Honorable pick

This is not the most richest club in Russia. But, we just want to honour this team because of the optimism brough ex star player in Russia. Don’t tell me about the budget, they don’t have big budget, but speaking about the player, the were really surprised anyone. Few years ago they brought Roberto Carlos and Samuel Eto’o to the club. Yes, youre not wrong. The brought those players come to Russia and introduce the beauty of Russia.

So that’s the 4 – probably 5 for the top 5 richest football club in Russia. Hope you will come to read another great Russian article here. If youre looking for good article about Russia, take a look on this website and have some fun!

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