10 Most Attractive Venues During World Cup 2018 in Russia

Couple days ago, the 2018 World Cup has just ended. The France national football team has come out to be a champion after defeating Croatia in the final. It leaves some feeling behind; joy, sadness. anger, pride, regret, happiness. That means what a great tournament they presented. However, It is not only the tournament that […]

5 Favorite Stadiums by Visitor of World Cup 2018 in Russia

Thanks to World Cup 2018, Russia has received much of people attention from around the world. As the host, Russia has to welcome other countries which are participating in the game and football fans who come to Russia. Therefore, in this last 8 years since officially announced as the host of 2018 World Cup Russia […]

8 Important Things to Know About The Russia 2018 World Cup

This year is the year which the football fans from all around the world are waitting for. Yes. World Cup which is only held once for every 4 year is happening this year. It will be the 21st World Cup since its first tournament in 1930 in Uruguay. However, this year Russia has been selected as the […]