3 Most Attractive Landmarks In Adler For Tourism Purposes

When we are traveling to another city or country, we must want to see the landmarks of the area. The landmarks are what distinguished each places from the other. It will also give us a certain memory of the place we have visited. For example, when you are going to New York, just like other […]

3 Best Stadium in Russia for Soccer (A complete guide)

Have you ever go to Russia? The nations offers one of the coolest things in Kremlin city. The country is really busy to prepare the most anticipating in football events, the World Cup 2018. Take place in 12 venues around the Russia, 32 best nations will compete to get the trophy that footballer dream about. […]

5 Favorite Stadiums by Visitor of World Cup 2018 in Russia

Thanks to World Cup 2018, Russia has received much of people attention from around the world. As the host, Russia has to welcome other countries which are participating in the game and football fans who come to Russia. Therefore, in this last 8 years since officially announced as the host of 2018 World Cup Russia […]

5 Must Know New Stadium in Russia

Since Russia becomes host of the FIFA World Cup 2018, the country was busy to prepare everythings they have to entertainment the contestants and the supporters all around the world. From roads, restaurants, public facilities, and of course, the fields, were prepared for the best experience when you visit the country. From ground to building, […]

8 Important Things to Know About The Russia 2018 World Cup

This year is the year which the football fans from all around the world are waitting for. Yes. World Cup which is only held once for every 4 year is happening this year. It will be the 21st World Cup since its first tournament in 1930 in Uruguay. However, this year Russia has been selected as the […]

3 Biggest Stadium in Russia That You Can Visit

Russia offers so much entertainment when the country host the most anticipating football event in the world. As a host, I’m pretty sure the country prepares all of people needs – including the stadium. 12 Choosen venues participates and celebrate the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and offers the history, beauty, hi-tech facility, even extraordinary […]

17 Incredible Facts of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia

Are you a football lover? Do you have a favorite football club? Of course you do. You probably also have guessed which club is going to win in this 2018 FIFA World Cup, right? Although you know most things about football and football clubs, you probably do not know 17 incredible facts of FIFA World […]

12 Stadium in Russia for World Cup 2018

Mostly everyone are talking the World Cup 2018 right now. Lots of people around the world come to Russia for supporting their favourite team and became the witness of the greatest football event in the world. The 12 stadiums were choosen for hosting the match and maybe you have personal pick which one is the […]