How to Make Russian Famous Tea “Caravan”

Tea is a drink loved by many people. This drink can be enjoyed in various ways. If you like the taste of sweetness, you can add sugar into it. If you like it to be creamy, just put in some milk into your cup of tea. But if you do not like adding any of […]

Honey Bees Of Russia, How Special Are They?

Every day in our lives, we cannot live without the role of the other things around us. For example, we need food as our primary needs. In order to fulfill this need, we have some options. We can cook or we can buy the food straight from our favorite restaurants. Both options have one common […]

In Mood For Making A Snack? You’re Going To Nail This Russian Sushki

Who does not love to snack? Snack time is easily a fun time when we can enjoy our favorite sweets or salty treats. People snack between meals. Usually, a little bit later after lunch, coffee lovers would drink some coffee with a little biscuit. For those who prefer tea to coffee, they can have a […]

How Russians Maintain Food? Something They Call “Russian Canning”

There are many food options we can find in the market. If you like to cook, you can buy all the ingredients needed to make your meal from scratch. If you like to eat instant food, you can buy pre-cooked food that only needed to be preheated or cooked in a couple of minutes. There […]

If You Can Live In Russia, Which Of These 3 Best Places Will You Choose?

Everybody wants to live in a place with a great quality of everything – great education system, great food, easy access to places, safe environment are just a few factors that people consider to choose a place to live at. Even now, we can also put something like country’s level of happiness, a factor that […]

3 Best Facts About Bornay Mosque in Kazan

Russia is a nation with a very large population. Based on the member of its population, Russia is on the top 10 list of the most populous countries. Among around 140 million people living in Russia, Islam is this country’s second most believed religion. According to a survey held there, 6,5% of all the populations […]

3 Important Things to Know When Visiting a Mosque in Russia

Islam is the second biggest religion in Russia. Three regions in Russia with the biggest percentage of Muslim are Ingushetia, Chechnya, and Dagestan, all of them are located in the North Caucasus region. Besides in those three regions, Muslims population is a population in Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, both located in the Volga Federal District. On […]

What You Should Know About Iske Tash Mosque in Kazan

Kazan is a city in Russia which is known as The Third Capital of Russia. The city that has an important role in economics, politics, cultures, and religions is also famous for its predicate as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Cities. With various religions represented by Kazan’s people, Kazan has an architecture block called Universal […]

3 Unique Facts About Soltan Mosque in Kazan

Kazan is the capital city of The Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. This city is not only famous for its biggest population, but also for its economics, politics, science, culture, sports, and religions. Its sports center is so famous that Kazan has been appointed to host many sports events. The European weightlifting championship, summer Universiade, […]

2 Most Controversial Soviet Writers and Their Masterpiece

Writers works can draw much attention. Their writing can touch so many people, make people feel the empathy towards the stories, and even more make people want to learn to be better. Each writer has their own style. Their richness of words that make it possible for readers to feel the emotion of the stories […]