How to Make Russian Kefir a Natural Skin Care?

Kefir is a common drink in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Germany, Uzbekistan, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Israel, the USA and Australia. Basically, the countries where dairy products are common and daily abundant. It is a sour-milk drink obtained from whole or skimmed cow’s milk that is fermented using kefir grain – […]

Russian Drinks That Are Good For Pregnancy

Literally everything in a woman’s life is important for bearing a healthy baby. It is important how often she is in the fresh air, how active her lifestyle is, her peace of mind, what the expectant mother eats and what she drinks. A pregnant woman is obliged to review her diet, carefully consider the choice […]

Cherry Russian Beverages Which Are Containing the Best Benefits to Your Body

Many beverages do not only taste delicious but also give have many benefits for our body. For example, when you are struggling with a stomach ache, one of many ways that you can do to treat yourself is by drinking fresh ginger beer. This is a non-alcoholic drink made of sparkling water, lime juice, and […]

How to Make Russian Famous Tea “Caravan”

Tea is a drink loved by many people. This drink can be enjoyed in various ways. If you like the taste of sweetness, you can add sugar into it. If you like it to be creamy, just put in some milk into your cup of tea. But if you do not like adding any of […]