3 Best Facts About Bornay Mosque in Kazan

Russia is a nation with a very large population. Based on the member of its population, Russia is on the top 10 list of the most populous countries. Among around 140 million people living in Russia, Islam is this country’s second most believed religion. According to a survey held there, 6,5% of all the populations […]

6 Famous Facts of Nurulla Mosque in Kazan City

History of Islam in Russia can’t be separated from acts of extremism and separatism. For a period of time in the nation, Islam went through dark days from how it was connected with terrorism against the government all over the country. Most of the radical groups used to be concentrated in the north Caucasus region […]

Muslim Communities in Russia and Their Facts

As unlikely as it may sound, Islam is the second largest beliefs in Russia after the Orthodox Christianity. The number of the Russians who profess this religion reaches 6.5% of the total population. The history of Islam in Russia is dated back from the time of Catherine the Great, the Empress of Russia from 1762 […]

9 Most Beautiful Mosques in Russia

Islam is the second biggest religion in Russia. About 20% Russian people are Muslims. Besides, there are about 5,000 registered Muslim organizations in Russia. With such number of Muslims, Russia is a home for around 8,000 mosques and 9 of which are considered as the most beautiful. Here are 9 most beautiful mosque in Russia. […]

5 Oldest Mosques in Russia – Historical and Beautiful

Among 8,000 mosques, there are 5 oldest mosques in Russia. The number of oldest mosques in Russia comes from the fact that Islam has been in Russia since the mid of 7th century AD. This makes Russia be a home for Muslims. Twenty percent of its population are Muslims. Below are 5 oldest mosques in […]

History of Muslim Culture in Russia

The enlightened Islam has been developed in Russia since many centuries ago. The history noted that the appearance of Islam in Russia began in the seventh century. It is much different with the other European countries where Muslim population is a minority, but in Russia, so many indigenous citizens of this country are Muslim. Moreover, […]

5 Facts of Muslim Women in Russia (must know!)

Have you ever dated any Russian woman ? If you have, so how is you impression about her ? Don’t forget to also know about the interesting facts of the women in Russia. Still talking that related to the woman, how do you think about Muslim women in Russia ? Let’s talk about the women whose Islam religion […]