Instagenic Spot in Suzdal That Should be Captured

It is easy to fall in love with photography while travelling. Souvenir is something that you buy for people back home or decorative items for your living room. When you are blessed with the opportunity to travel frequently you begin to find another way to capture your travel. Taking photos is not as rewarding seeing […]

Catch Up the Instagramable View at The Houseboat in Ivanovo

Not just the large cities in Russia that has a stunning view and Instagram worthy landmarks. A smaller city like Ivanovo has some interesting spot for you and your family to take a peek. If you ask common Russian about this city. Their best answer is that Ivanovo is better known as “The City Of […]

7 Most Instagramable Spots in St. Petersburg That Not Many People Know

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia federation, it was formerly the capital of the country before it was moved to Moscow. The city has been the popular destination for many travelers, either local traveler from Muscovites or overseas traveler. It is not surprising since the city offers the great historical heritage which is […]