4 Favorite Places in Moscow For Teenagers

gorky park for teenagersMoscow is a truly never ending Russia. Providing both locals and foreigners with great experiences of culture and history – from children, teenagers and adults, Moscow is one of the most visited cities in Russian country. The city also is also full of numerous iconic sites and attractions. The attractions start from the majestic Moscow Kremlin as the symbol of Russian dignity, the modern department Stores of GUM, until the open space of Gorky Park.

For you who are planning to visit Moscow, especially when you are accompanied by your children in their teenagers. Do not be confused with numerous choices of must visit place in Russia’s Moscow, because in this article I will give the list of favorite places for teenagers in Moscow. With this information, it will help you to find the right attractions for your journey, plus the budget fee and the accommodation.

1. Red Square

Located in the heart of the city, right in the main street of Krasnaya ploshad, Red Square is more than just a Moscow attraction, but it is the most famous landmark of whole Russian country. Being the most visited place, it is not surprising that almost a whole year the place is always crowded with peoples and always has festive atmosphere.

The Red Square’s location is very strategic, it is right in the center and the surroundings also full of another beautiful building with the historical value. Visiting all in one complex is a must for your journey, and trust me they will be your favorite place. Below are the list of another favorite attractions you should not miss:

  • Saint Basil’s Cathedral

It was originally a church in the era of Ivan the Terrible Tsar built in the 16th century. The colorful onion shaped domes- look like a bonfire – which decorated the top part of the Cathedral is so unique and one of the famous part. When you visit this place, you will be greeted with the extravagant outlook of the building, then walk a full circle outside the building to explore the each side’s pretty and if you want to enter the church, the ticket free is 350 rub. If you probably meet the local, ask a little about the history behind the making such a beautiful building, you will find the answer.

One of Russia biggest department’s centre, this place offers not only shopping experience of numerous brands, but also stunning interior and the one stop place for classy restaurants. It was built in 1892 and has been renovated for several times until nowadays. So that’s why, you should visit this place, even for window shopping only, and take selfie proofs with the fantastic decoration inside.

  • Lenin’s Mausoleum

The museum named after the famous figure of Vladimir Lenin, the leader of Russia communist movement. Located in the heart of the city, this place is quite odd, because you will be shown a mummy of the famous Lenin placed in a sarcophagus made from glass. It first opened officially in August 1924, means the Lenin’s embalmed body have been there for almost a century. How? Are you ready to be one of the million visitors? The museum entry is free of ticket charge, from 10 until 13 every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday and Saturdays. Notes: no photos and talking loud is allowed when visiting inside the Mausoleum.

2. Gorky Park

This is the biggest and the most favorite park in Moscow. Offering a green space with full of outdoor activities along with an open-air movie cinema, Gorky park should be on your visit list. The local teenagers really love to hang out here, they usually spends their time for quality sports like doing yoga, fitness, ping pong, cycling, skateboarding, dancing, and so much more. Of course those activities can only be done on summer time. For winter visit, do ice skating as the park turns into the biggest skating ring in the city.

Right in front of the park, there is Muzeon Art Park. A modern contemporary space with the collection of 700 sculptures, really suit with the younger vibes. That’s the reason why this park is became favorite among Russian teenagers.

3. Moscow Metro

The transportation mode in Moscow is varying, from online based taxi, traditional taxi, rent- a car, metro, bus and so on. But there is unique fact about Moscow Metro, besides it reaches almost every part of the city, and of course it is faster, it also offers sophisticated view of stations interior. Once you reach Moscow, try to go underground, the best time for touring is between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., and you will find the fascinating look of the stations, because the feels is like you are inside the museums. Every station has its own unique decoration with different theme; each theme also has an entertaining story behind it. For better understanding, It will be better for you to be accompanied by experienced guide. But if you are willing to go by yourself, check the recommended metro stations:  Mayakovskaya, Ploshad Revolutsii, Kievskaya, Kropotkinskaya, Kurskaya, Komsomolskaya the ring side and Novoslobodskaya etc.

4. Arbat streets

Almost every city in the world has remarkable street landmark. Like in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, it has Malioboro street, pedestrian Street full of local sellers, street musicians, local and foreign tourist and etc. In Moscow, there is street named Arbat, belong to one of favorite tourist spots, this street is located between old historical buildings. Arbat Street is the oldest street in Moscow where every people gathered here. In this street, you can find a lot of souvenirs shop sellers, cafes and restaurants, tattoo salons, live music by street musicians, monuments and theater. You must visit the most crowded street full of tourist and local teenager’s everyday there. For the accommodation, take metro and stop at the Arbatskaya station then walk for just sightseeing or buy some souvenirs.

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