8 Most Photogenic Spots in Moscow You Must Try

best photo in russiaVisiting one place is not complete without taking some good memories through pictures. It is a must thing to do to memorize that you have been there and also become the thing to remember in a whole life. Besides, by taking good pictures, you can feel like you are back to the old time. So that’s why you should take good pictures of your every journey.

While talking about Moscow, it is the big capital city where offers beautiful and photogenic spots in the city. So, taking a journey to Moscow will fed you with a bunch of beautiful and stunning spots for the great moments to be remembered. To help you with the city explore along with the best time of visit and where to find the most photogenic spots to be included in your itinerary, here are the list of most photogenic spots in Moscow you must try.

1. The Moscow Metro Stations

The stations of Russian Metro is different from other stations, there you can find the most photogenic spots in which the decorations are very beautiful and extravagant. For the local, it’s the busiest place for going everywhere to do their business, but for tourist, they will find their heaven for taking great pictures of the underground Metro station.

2. Gorky park

Gorky Park is an integrated park which provides many spots for spending your leisure time. There are many activities can be done, and the view of the park is so amazing. Moscow people spend the summer here mostly for doing some fun activities while for tourist, they can experience life as the local do while taking so much picture since the photogenic spots are endless.

3. Moscow State University

This not merely a famous university in Russia or the world, one of the highest ranking university in the world but this also belong to one of the most iconic architecture in the city. From the outside of the building, you will feel amaze by the grand building with Neo-Palladian style, a perfectly symmetrical shape of building which is best for your landscape photo collection. Besides, the university is also has green huge garden in front of the main building.

4. The City Skyscrapers

Having so many modern skyscrapers building, Moscow also offers the modern city view as the most photogenic spots you must visit. Located in the heart of Moscow, exactky near the bagration Bridge, you should take a metro to Kievskaya and walk across the streets toward the river. It is best viewed from the far, since all the building can be captured in one frame, stay right in front of the river and shoot the object standing with the complex of skyscraper as the background.

5. Red square

Red Square is the Moscow landmark with many reasons, many historical building are all located here. Most of the buildings are uniquely aesthetic and full of historical value, for example there are St. Basil’s cathedrals and the state Historical Museum. The place is always full of visitors, especially in summer. The best time to visit is at night with less people there. Make sure to visit this place and capture the moment in one of the most photogenic spots in Moscow. But remember to be careful with your attitude, since there a lots of police who guard this building. no photo are allowed inside the building.

6. The Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin is the greatest and the most popular place to visit in the city. Located near The Red Square, it offers endless photogenic spots for you to seek great pictures of Moscow iconic landmark. They are Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the Diamond Fund, the Armoury Chamber and etc. the cultural heritage shows how great of Russian history are, and no wonder it is still being preserved until now.

Kremlin is such a huge place to be in one photo frame, so it would be better for you to walk further to the other side of the building and that would be perfect. Besides, capturing it at nights is best option with all the lights for adding the aesthetical value of your photo.

7. Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The location of this historical building is still in the same complex area with Red Square. And that is good, since you can visit all of the building in one day. One day for almost all of Russian most photogenic spots. The cathedral of Christ itself is like the usual cathedral, the things which differentiate are the gigantic size and the golden roof.

This site is one of the most photogenic spots in Moscow, from the outer building to the inner place; all of the parts are stunning. When you enter the cathedral and go up to the top of it, you will see Moscow view from the above point of view, add with the sunset moment and that would be beautiful.

8. Hermitage Garden

It was the first state garden park in Moscow which operated in 19th century. At that time, people spent their time there and enjoy the scenery. Until the recent time, the garden is still become the favorite place to hangout for Muscovites, even attract the foreigners to visit and enjoy their times with its photogenic spots.  Besides, Hermitage garden is perfect place which has strategic location, since it is surrounded with three drama theaters; New Opera, Sphere and The Hermitage. There, you can admire the natural beauty of the popular hangout place, and of course making some good memories by taking photos. Then feed the hunger by buying snacks from local eateries.

Visit the great capital of Moscow in a short time might not be enough with the numerous photogenic spots that the city offers, but with the list above, it will help you out to get the best photos of your journey.

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