8 Best Place For Professional Photography in Russia

photographer in RussiaRussia as the largest country in the world always has something beautiful to attract people to come over and witness their grand country. Besides the wonderful historical destinations, it also provides the comers with natural landscapes, ranging from majestic snow mountains, deepest lake, golden sands, icy tundra and the rivers which pass through the big cities and also green parks. Those city attractions are scattered across Russia, and the best of them are suitable for those tourist who seeks either for professional photography or just for street photography.

In relation to professional photographers, Russia has some best place for making great work art of your photograph. The attractive places are varying from two well-known cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg until the far eastern part of Siberia and more. To make it easy, below are list of best place for professional photography in Russia:

1. Moscow

Moscow as the center of cultural heritage and famous landmarks will fed the visiting photographer with enough great pictures. Having best of the best place for professional photography as follows:

  • Red Square
  • Basil’s Cathedral
  • State Historical Museum
  • GUM
  • Kremlin
  • Lenin’s mausoleum
  • Cathedral of Christ the savior
  • Moscow Metro Stations

Besides the famous landmarks above, Moscow also provides the cultural ballet performance in the city. If you seek for cultural performances content, the city has famous theaters performing ballet, make sure not to miss Bolshoi Theater’s world-class performances. As for the art content, visit the Tretyakov Gallery – a true celebration of Russian fine art, or the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum – one of the greatest and most prestigious galleries of European art.

2. St. Petersburg

This second biggest city in Russia offers more European atmosphere since the location is closer to Western Europe. Besides, St. Petersburg was formerly the capital of the Russian imperial until 19th century until . Want to make great professional photography in this aesthetic city, here are the list:

  • Winter Palace
  • Hermitage Museum
  • Church of the Saviour on Blood
  • Isaac’s Cathedral
  • Mariinsky Theatre
  • Vasilyevsky Island

Peak season for photography travelersSt.  to visit St. Petersburg is during summer season, because the city will hold festivals named the famous White Night. In this time, you can take good photograph of the city beautiful traditions with its extravagant cultures.

3. Vladivostok

Although this place location is far from the capital city, around 4.000 miles from Moscow, but the charm that Vladivostok has always successfully attract peoples to come here. As for your information, in Trans-Siberian Railway, the city becomes the start and the end of the long journey. That’s also becomes the reason why tourist from all around the world are delightful to join this long. This is a town with beautiful landscape, uninterrupted sea views and cool streets that make travellers wants to capture its beauty. Discover the fantastic attractions and impressive landmarks that Vladivostok has for you. Below are the spots for professional photography:

  • The Sportivnaya Harbor
  • Ploschad Bortsov Revolutsy
  • The Arseniev Regional History Museum
  • Primorsky State Art Gallery
  • Popov Island
  • Vladivostok Fortress
  • Tokarevsky Lighthouse
  • Zolotoy Bridge

4. Irkutsk

This city is so famous for locals, they named it as the Paris of Siberia, a fairly compact city with the collection of historic churches, museums, theatres, and beautiful wooden houses. From this place, you can also visit Lake Baikal, the world’s biggest, deepest, oldest of the freshwater lake. Best place in Irkutsk for professional photography are :

  • Lake Baikal – Top 1 spots for professional photography, even “National Geographic magazine”
  • the City History Museum
  • the Geology Museum
  • Sukachev Regional Art Museum
  • Volkonsky House-Museum
  • Icebreaker Angara Museum
  • Church of Our Lady of Kazan

5. Kazan

Kazan is the capital of Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan. This place offers vibrant melting pot of cultures, a multi-ethnic blend of Muslims and Christians who coexist peacefully on the Volga River. Visit this place for the best photography :

  • The Kazan Kremlin
  • The Hermitage
  • Museum of Soviet Life
  • Kul Sharif Mosque
  • Temple of All Religions
  • Suyumbike Tower
  • Epiphany Cathedral

6. Sochi

Sochi is Russia’s largest resort and a major tourist destination for both summer and winter holidays. Located on the Black Sea coast, this place attracts foreign and domestic tourists with countless cultural and natural attractions. As listed below :

  • Sochi Art Museum
  • The Sochi Arboretum
  • Town History Museum
  • Ritsa Lake
  • The Singing Fountains

7. The Golden Ring

This place is popular among the traveller who wants to find peace in a rural village and considered the best place to escape from the busy city of Moscow. Being one of the most enchanting travel destinations that Russia been offer, the Golden ring is famous with its beautiful old-world town, medieval fortresses and ancient churches with onion shaped dome. The lists of best place are as followed:

  • the village of Suzdal
  • Sergiev Posad
  • Vladimir
  • Rostov Veliky
  • Pereslavl-Zalessky

8. Kizhi Island

Kizhi Island is located in the heart of Lake Onega. Known for its fabulous open-air museum, this one-of-a-kind complex of great historical, cultural, and natural interest hosts an amazing collection of wooden structures. This tiny island offers famous attractions to fed your camera with best photography, they are:

  • Church of the Resurrection of Lazarus
  • the Kizhi Pogost site
  • Karelia region
  • The Kizhi Museum

Exploring Russia can not be done in just a short day of vacation, especially when you are a traveler photographer who seeks for the best result in order to get professional photography, as the list above will make it easier for you to define the theme of your photography. Either the themes are about cultures, nature, architecture, landscapes, streets, and etc.

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