7 Most Instagramable Spots in St. Petersburg That Not Many People Know

alexander gardenSt. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia federation, it was formerly the capital of the country before it was moved to Moscow. The city has been the popular destination for many travelers, either local traveler from Muscovites or overseas traveler. It is not surprising since the city offers the great historical heritage which is still very well preserved since the 19th century. Besides the historic and neoclassical architecture founded by Russian Tsar named “Peter the Great” , the city atmosphere is likely feels like you are traveling to Europe. And this is understandable why it is called Europe’s leading destination at the World Travel Awards in 2016.

If you are planning to visit St. Petersburg for your next journey, you must have prepared for the beautiful view of the city. thus, you should make a memories by taking lots of good pictures then save it to your Instagram account to share about the photogenic side of the magnificent city. St. Petersburg offers a chance to photograph and experience ancient history, culture, architecture, classic art, nature and city-scrapes all within next to one and another. Below are the lists of most instagramable spots in St. Petersburg that not many people know.

1. Winter Palace And Hermitage Museum

This place might sounds familiar to some of the travelers, because this is the iconic historical building of the city. in this palace, you can find endless photo spots and all of them are instagramable. Start from the outside of the building, the huge extravagant building will welcome you, with tall cast iron gates completed with the iconic gold double-headed eagle at the front part, tall windows, large pillars and gold leafed trims. Then enter to the Winter Palace, there you can photograph the great architecture, the numerous rooms to display Russian treasures and while capturing the instagramable spots, you will feel likely as A Russian royals family in the Palace.

2. Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

This stunning church is one of the best photo spots in St. Petersburg city. Photographed from every angle of the church, you will get the most epic and instagramable pictures for you online feed. Feeling satisfied enough in taking pictures of the exterior, now it’s time to get into the building of the church. Inside, you will get the best architecture of the interior. No wonder, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is always crowded with visitors. So, better be careful of pickpocketing and always watchful of your camera and photography set.

3. Aleksandrovsky Sad (Alexander Garden)

Alexander Garden maybe does not belong to the largest or the most beautiful parks in St. Petersburg, but for your aesthetical value, this park is one of the most instagramable spot in the city. It because of the location of the park which is right in front of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, so you just take picture there with the flowers laid as the background. This peaceful garden is the favorite place to calm the day in the middle of busy city, locals people likes to spend their leisure time here enjoying the view of the Neva River. Besides, you will also find couples who taking their wedding photos in this park.

4. Summer Garden

Summer garden is the oldest park in St. Petersburg, this park has the Versailles styles with the perfect combination of the vintage of architecture and the beautiful of natures with kind of rarely found flowers and plants. The other instagramable spots are the exist of many fountains and statue. Visit this park and you will fall in love with the beautiful view, the architecture, and the nice atmosphere, a feeling like you are travel back to the old times when the notables are hosting the balls here.

5. Isaac’s Cathedral

This is the fourth largest cathedral in the world and the iconic landmark of St. Petersburg city. The most attractive point from this old historical building is the big dome made from real gold, and since it’s tall building, you can see it from everywhere in the city. The outside of Cathedral offers great view of well decorated facades and made of granites. Take pictures from the outside until you come inside and find more breath-taking interior of the ceiling, then the brightly coloured stained glass window of Christ Resurrection, and end with the 300 steps up to the top of St. Isaac’s Cathedral where you can see St. Petersburg view from the above.

6. Palace Square in St. Petersburg Russia

Palace Square id located between the iconic Winter Palace and the Hermitage Museum. In the center of it, you can see the red granite column which named Alexander Column, which also become the tallest kind in the world. Since the outside of Palace Square is so huge, you must bring wide angle to capture the entire square. Inside the palace, you will meet actors dressed up as old Russian military soldiers, even the actresses dressed as Catherine the Great. They are doing that to do some poses with tourist, take some elegant pictures with them as you are from noble family and upload it on your instagram.

7. Alexandrinsky Theater Russian Ballet

Russia is famous with its ballet performance, so do in St. Petersburg. You should not miss to visit this ballet theater. Actually there are many theaters in the city, but this is the most popular place for you who search for the instagramable spots. From the outside, there is large park with Empire style architecture. Take some time here with good photo before going inside Alexandrinsky Theater. The inside of the theater is filled with the historical look and atmosphere, sit back and enjoy the performance.

St. Petersburg offers so many instagramable spots. With the list above, it will help you to shortlisted and make good photos with the limited time of visits.

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