8 Ideas Of Doing Short Adventure In Russia

rocket at baikonurWhat are people looking for when on vacation outside? Of course natural scenery such as the sea, beaches, mountains and forests. Or culinary tours that are unusual and appetizing. But what is it, just that? The answer is no, if you intend to “visit” to Putin’s country. There are many exciting adventures and tourist attractions in Russia.

This adventure might be unusual in other countries. Especially for those of you who like unique things. Examples are everything related to science, space and technology. Here are 8 Ideas Of Doing Short Adventure In Russia :

1. Look directly at the rocket gliding at Baikonur

During this time we can only see Rocket launches from television or the internet. But how does it feel to be able to see it right in front of your eyes? Of course it will be an unforgettable experience for life. If you visit Baikonur, Russia you can watch the Soyuz Rocket glide skyward leaving the earth. To be able to witness the rare adventure, you must prepare a fund of Rp23 million, to take a tour for 5 days. It’s pretty expensive.

2. Fly with military jets

Driving a military jet and doing attractions in the air like a professional? Yep, that amazing adventure you can get in Russia. By preparing a pocket of IDR 146.2 million, you can sit in a MiG-29 jet and fly in the sky of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Surely you will not be alone, you will be accompanied by a professional pilot. So, it’s guaranteed safe. You can also see sophisticated military planes during the military parade in Russia.

3. Feel zero gravity in space

Have you ever imagined, being on a spacecraft and feeling the sensation of zero gravity, like an astronaut? Maybe this one adventure can help realize your dreams. Yes, even though it’s not really in space, but you can feel floating in a room with zero gravity, like in space. Not far from downtown Moscow, you can feel the sensation of being a cosmonaut. If you visit Russia, there will be many tourist guides who offer this unusual adventure. You will be taken to enjoy floating inside the Russian MDK IL-76 aircraft, which is used for real Cosmonaut training. Prepare a pocket of IDR 41.3 million to IDR 68.9 million to be able to enjoy this space-style adventure.

4. Drive a tank

Dare to explore extreme terrain using tanks like Russian soldiers? If you are brave enough to try it, not far from the center of Moscow, Russia there are real tank rentals that you can ride and drive. For one person, you only need to pay IDR 2.2 million. While for a group of 4 people, it costs around Rp.4.1 million. Cheap enough, compared to other adventures.

5. See the beauty of aurora

There are no less amazing adventures that you can choose, namely seeing the beauty of the Aurora Borealis. Even though there are many beautiful places in Russia, it is a strategic spot to enjoy the beauty of this aurora. But because weather factors make the time when aurora can be seen to be unpredictable. However, when visiting Russia try to ask the guide to take you to Murmanskaya Oblast. Who knows, you’re in luck and can witness the beauty of Aurora Borealis up close.

6. Monino, the open air museum

Do you know how people conquered the sky a century ago? In a small town called Monino, you can see the first Russian Zeppelin military aircraft. This was one of the first Russian planes, Ilya Muromets from 1913. There was also the American Wright Flyer from 1903 and the French XI Blériot from 1908. The Central Air Force Museum located at the former air base is one of the largest in the world. You will see more than 170 aircraft, mostly Soviet and Russian. Among these are the supersonic Tu-144 passenger aircraft which can reach speeds of 1,200 mph. In addition, the Navy Yak-38 aircraft which can take off vertically.

7. Adventure in Star City

Do you want to practice connecting a spaceship or tasting an astronaut’s lunch? You can visit Star City. Its name is Zvyozdny Gorodok and is located 15 miles east of Moscow. Since the 1960s, this area has become Yuri Gagarin’s cosmonaut training center. Now you can see where Russian and foreign cosmonauts practice before going into space.

8. Yakhroma, a sports center in the Moscow region

If you want to do a number of sports actions, visit Yakhroma (30 miles north of Moscow). This small town is surrounded by five theme parks: Yakhroma, Volen Sorochany, Stepanovo and Tyagachev, where visitors can ski mountain and snowboard in winter. People can also enjoy long cycling tours and even practice extreme driving in the summer. If you are not a fan of sports, walk in the city space to see the Moscow Canal and World War II monuments at the height of Peremilovskaya.

Thats all 8 Ideas Of Doing Short Adventure In Russia. Many things to do when you visit this country. Destination in Russia depends in what season you visit there. You will be amazed by some great destinations during summer in Russia. You can also feel the warmest places in Russia during this season. Don’t forget to enjoy some summer festivals in Russia.

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