8 Ideas Of Doing Short Adventure In Russia

What are people looking for when on vacation outside? Of course natural scenery such as the sea, beaches, mountains and forests. Or culinary tours that are unusual and appetizing. But what is it, just that? The answer is no, if you intend to “visit” to Putin’s country. There are many exciting adventures and tourist attractions […]

6 Fascinating Things You Can Do In Mount Elbrus

Everyone has their own hobbies. Some people like to sing, dance, adventure, or shop. And usually they will spend their vacation time doing their hobbies. And for those of you who have a hobby of adventure, then exploring nature must be your hobby. And you must be very interested in exploring the beauty of the […]

5 Extreme and Adventurous Things To Do in Russia

Are you longing for having extreme and adventurous experience? Do you do it a lot in your country and you want to taste it in Russia, too? Don’t worry as Russia also provides such activities for you. Similar to most countries, it offers 5 extreme and adventurous things to do in Russia. You may already […]