6 Best Shopping Place In Russia That You Must Visit

vintage voyageRussia has many interesting places. Starting from the amazing natural attractions in Russia, to the typical architectural buildings in Russia that are very charming. In addition, some cities in Russia has distinctive festivals that allow us to see the beautiful Russian culture. One of the famous festivals is Russia’s victory day parade. In addition, Russia also has unique souvenirs. One of the famous souvenirs is the Matryoshka Doll. What about other souvenirs? You can buy various kinds of Russian souvenirs at various shopping centers. Here are 6 Best Shopping Place In Russia That You Must Visit :

1. Izmailovo Market

Visiting Russia is incomplete if you don’t bring a souvenir. One place that sells typical Russian souvenirs is the Izmailovsky Market. The market which is crowded by local residents and tourists is a market filled with antiques, souvenirs, and handicrafts. Besides being a haven for tourists, the location is also easy to reach. You only need to get off at the Partizanskaya metro or train station, then walk just a few meters. There you will be treated to a row of traders who are peddling their merchandise.

Izmailovo Market has two zones, namely special zones for souvenirs and traditional handicrafts, and flea market zones. In the souvenir and craft zone, you can find various knick-knacks. For example the most famous is the matryoshka doll which is a typical Russian doll. The traders here forbid merchandise to be photographed, so you have to be careful when shooting here. In addition, you have to bring cash, because you will not find an ATM, let alone serving credit card payments.

2. Old Arbat Street

If Indonesia has Malioboro Street in Yogyakarta, then Russia has Arbat Street. Is it true that Arbat Street is the same as Malioboro Street? Arbat Street is a 1 kilometer long trading area. This road starts from Arbatskaya Square and ends at Smolenskaya Square. Arbat Street has been around since the 15th century. That’s why this area is one of the oldest areas in Moscow. Russian nobles consider the Arbat road to be one of the prestigious areas in Moscow.
When you walking here, you can see various kinds of souvenirs in the form of clothes, key chains, and Russian special dolls Matryoshka.

Besides Matryoshka, souvenir shops on Old Arbat also sell many antiques. If you are a collector, be prepared to spend more money, because of course the price is expensive. There are unique rules when buying antiques in Russia. The seller will give you a certificate stating that the antiques that you bought are not historical objects. This is to prevent historical objects from leaving their country because the trade in antiques is rife in Russia.

Fun shopping should not be a reason to forget the photos. One of the favorite tourist spots to take pictures around Old Arbat is the Princess Turandot golden fountain monument. Located near the Vakhtangov theater, this monument was made in 1997. The maestro behind this monument, Alexander Burganov, made the statue based on the Turandot opera by Giacomo Puccini.

3. Chumodan

Chumodan is about 17 minutes away from the center of Moscow. Tourists can hunt for souvenirs and antiques at Chumodan. The location is on the Volgogradsky Prospekt. Its different from Volgograd. This area is still in the Moscow, its about 9 kilometers from Red Square. Chumodan is a big flea market. There are a lot of ancient Russian trinkets, books, clothes, LPs. The price is relatively cheap so many tourists are interested. But, Chumodan is only open 2 times a week, on Wednesday and Saturday from 12 noon.

4. Svoya Polka

For lovers of antiques and vintage nuances, Svoya Polka is a must visit. The location is on Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street, just 600 meters from Chkalovskaya Station. It just 26 minutes by underground Metro train from the station near the Red Square. The outside Polka convoy looks like a flea goods store, but in it there are many interesting antiques. Starting from postcards in the Soviet era, wooden dolls, Arabic perfumes, to old camera equipment.

5. Svalka

Open daily from 9am to night, Svalka market provides clothes, books, and souvenirs at low prices. No wonder many locals feel at home spending time in this place. Svalka is in Vernissage, Yakimanka Moscow area. The closest Metro station that can be reached within 500 meters is the Partizanskaya. Uniquely, in Svalka there is a special Soviet room. This space contains antiques from the Soviet era such as miniature underground trains, Lenin statues, posters of the atmosphere of the city of Moscow in the past, to Matryoshka dolls.

6. Vintage Voyage

This one is a paradise for fashion lovers. Vintage Voyage is in the Tverskaya area, just 300 meters from Kuznetsky Most Station. This shop is close to the Red Square and the Kremlin Government Center. So you can reach this place in 10-15 minutes on foot. Russian call this shop like a fashion museum because the collection is very complete. You can find some well-known brands in here such as Hermes, Dior and Gucci. Ranging from bags, clothes, shoes, to vintage home decorations available on Vintage Voyage. So the upper class socialite is sure to stay here for a long time.

Thats all 6 Best Shopping Place In Russia That You Must Visit. If you visit this country, don’t forget to visit Sochi. Sochi is the amazing city in Russia. There are some interesting facts about Sochi you should know. There are also many reasons that you should visit Sochi. You will enjoy visit this city in any season because Sochi is the warmest place in Russia. If you visit Sochi during winter, you just feel 10 degree in this city. So you don’t need any jacket to cover your body from the air.

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